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Does God still love me?

Hi there! I'm new to this forum but I'm glad I found it. My inner spirit is in such turmoil that it is hard sometimes to even pray. II love our father with all my heart but I for some reason can't have faith in him to heal me from my fibromyalgia which has me addicted to ultram. If my fellow brothers and sisters knew what was really going on with me I would not be able to take it .I can't stop taking these pills because I am so scared of the pain that will follow. And I know that I just need to trust in God and he will see me thru but I have had this affliction for over 10 years and he still has'nt healed me. And as I am writing this I am crying because I know god loves me and he does'nt want me to go thru this. Iam so ashamed.I want to be completly sold out to him and this addiction to ultram is the one thing holding me back. There are so many wonderful people in my church who could help me but I have known these people for so long and it would be so embarressing. Any word of advice would be very welcome and thank you very much.
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Morning Glory

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Weclome Brandydear,

God still loves all of us and He knew us before the foundations of the world. He knew what our struggles and sin would be and Jesus died for past, present, and future sins. He took our shame upon himself. So rest assured that God still loves you.

Sounds like you need some help to manage your fibromyalgia along with ending your addiction. I have a friend that found a lot of success by going to a fibromyalgia clinic. I'm not sure what your insurance situation is, but maybe you can find help with this and support somehow.

Don't give up. I struggled with many things for many years that I am now free from by God's grace.

I'm glad you are here.

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Remember Abraham and Sarah; remember how long she waited on God's promise. Don't give up, sweetie; God DOES love you--so much that He died for you. We know that God died so everyone might be saved, but one thing we sometimes forget is, even if it had just been YOU, He would have done it anyway. God has His own timing. We don't always get it. Maybe He is showing you things about yourself while you are going through this, that you might not get if you were well. Maybe He wants to use you to help others in some way through your experience. WHo knows the mind of God? But never, ever doubt His love or good will for you. He will not fail you. Trust Him. Whatever happens, He WILL take care of you. Just keep loving Him and praising Him. Remember Job. Keep asking God for help with your faith. Remember the soldier (I think) who asked Jesus for help in healing his daughter? The soldier said to Jesus, "Lord, please help my unbelief." He was acknowledging to Jesus that while he believed in Him, he still had weaknesses in his faith, and he asked Jesus to help him with it. That is what the Holy Spirit is for; He will help you, just seek it.
I so feel for you; I understand about chronic pain. You will be in my prayers, hang in there!!
God Bless, sweetie,
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I understand just how you are feeling, but you know God loves you , from the begining of the World . As the others have said , His ways are not OUR ways, and often we need patience to see what He has in mind .

I have been praying for healing for the pain I was in , and guess what , he sent me a Doctor ! ......and one that had an appointment available on my one and only day off ! he really should know that I DONT DO Doctors ! but I did , and guess what ? She has diagnosed my pain as Fibomyalgia ! and she is a Christian to boot !

I am due to go back for my 2nd appointment in about 1 hr, so we will see what we will see.

I have no knowledge of Ultram, it is probably called something else here , so cant really comment on that .

But Brandy , by you having problems with the drug, it has caused you to examine His love for you !

All the very best brandy , hang in there

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Re: Does God still love me?

You can't. He can. Let Him.

It really is that simple. Just tell Him the truth and surrender.

He already has a plan for you, just agree to go and He will carry you there.
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