Friday Night Chat meeting

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Friday Night Chat meeting

Hello everyone!

Get your Thanksgiving weekend off to an amazing start by joining us here for a meeting at SR this Friday @9pm EST! Topics related to Recovery will be the basis for sharing each week, but sharing is strictly voluntary.

Please come and join us in the Meeting Room. (click on the Chat Room, upper right, highlighted in white on SR to start the process of getting into chat. You will be in recovery connections. If you then look at the yellow box to the right, you'll find the meeting room. Click on it and you're there)! If you can get into recovery connections there are usually administrators there that can help you get into the meeting if you have any issues.

For mobile users; When you first log on you'll be put in Recovery Connections. Simply type in

/join "name of room"

(replace the text "name of room" with the name of the room you want to enter, e.g. "meeting room")

Hit Enter

You'll see text that says
"left Recovery Connections"
"joined Meeting Room"

You should now be in the room you wanted to go to.

Everyone is welcome! I look forward to seeing you there!


Please read the Meeting Protocol Below (it will be helpful if you read it before the meeting so you know what's going on with the rules and procedures);

There will be "No Cross Talking" permitted during the meeting!! If you need to discuss something with another member please do so in a private message. If you would like to share during the meeting please indicate your intention to do so by typing an exclamation point !. Please wait until I call upon you. When you are finished, type "DONE".

We ask that you remember, the meeting is only one hour and to be considerate of the time that you use. If you need to leave before the meeting has ended, do so quietly. If you feel strongly about what someone is saying, you may acknowledge them with a one or two word phrase.

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