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SoberTyger 09-02-2017 03:39 PM

Sober Metalheads
Any other hard rock and heavy metal fans on this forum?

tomsteve 09-02-2017 04:47 PM

right here.
but then again, i can go from crankin metallica,ac/dc, motorhead,etc to james taylor, eagles, bob marley,etc

SoberTyger 09-03-2017 03:24 AM


I've always been a all in metalhead, with long hair, leather jacket and denim west full of patches with unreadable band logos :D
I used to to write for a local zine, attend all festivals, and everything.
Once I was given a free VIP pass to one of the biggest festivals in Europe to review the event, and got so drunk i missed all the bands - I had to google other medias' articles of the event to fake my own review for my zine...

It's a hugfe part of my life and identity, but it scares me a bit too - because it's also a heavy drinkin' environment, and I find it hard to be around my metalhead friends, and going to concerts etc without getting tempted into drink - my last relapse was at a festival.

Once I get enough soberity under my belt to trust myself staying sober for good, I plan do design a "Sober Metalhead" sew-on patch to add to my west :)

SoberTyger 09-03-2017 04:05 AM

By the way, did you know that the band Dream Theater have a series of songs called the 12-Step Suite, written by their drummer Mike Portnoy, about his experiences going through the AA programme and recovering from alcoholism

Chilledice 09-03-2017 05:08 AM

Love me a bit of pantera, metallica, disturbed etc

But I can also listen to country music and Pavarotti!

JimiC 09-03-2017 05:19 AM

I love the Anthrax/ Overkill/ Metallica/ Megadeth/ Exodus/ Slayer/ Pantera/ Motorhead era of classic metal/hard rock. I'm also kind of diverse in my tastes similar to Tomsteve.

I grew up going to a lot of shows since my Dad worked with bands like the NY Dolls, Humble Pie, Aerosmith & Ted Nugent.

SoberTyger 09-03-2017 05:47 AM

I am quite diverse in my taste too, I listen to everything from Scorpions to the most extreme black and death metal bands.
My all time favorite band is Iron Maiden, though, I my teens i had their posters all over my room and a drew pictures of Eddie on every school book I had :D

Neoo 09-03-2017 06:17 AM

Sure am just recently got into this band called Avatar -

joy57 09-03-2017 06:50 AM


Originally Posted by SoberTyger (Post 6594519)
Any other hard rock and heavy metal fans on this forum?

HELL Yeah here I am! lol

tomsteve 09-03-2017 06:59 AM


Originally Posted by Chilledice (Post 6594892)
Love me a bit of pantera, metallica, disturbed etc

But I can also listen to country music and Pavarotti!

i saw metallica back in july at comerica park. pretty awesome concert for a group of AARP members. :)
that got me wondering if theyve thought about doing another album like S&M.

pantera- nuff said. :scoregood

only saw them back in about 96 with deftones and white zombie. the bass was so hard hitting i could feel it!
one thing i didnt get then still dont- mosh pits.
make no sense. even after having quite a few people try to explain, ive thought,"you mean to tell me that me sittin or standing by my chair rockin out and going home without black eyes or broken bones wasnt a way to expereicne it? i should have got down there and gotten black eyes and broken bones and it would have been a better experience?"
yeah,no thanks. :)

joy57 09-03-2017 07:13 AM

TomSteve I have recently learned that there is actually a mosh dance technique. If the mosh pit is doing the dance correctly then no one gets hurt. But dumb arses don't play fair hence black eyes... Recently at a Social Distortion gig there was a mosh pit, and 2 ladies were in it, and I know they regretted it.

SoberTyger 09-03-2017 07:21 AM

I hate mosh pits - I know with certain bands or certain genres of metal they will always happen and I stay away, but I hate when I see a band that is not even "mosh-friendly" kind of metal, and still some dumb kids starts mushing around me.
I jump, dance, cheer and headbang all through a concert, but moshing is not for me..

But, until I quit drinking this would be a pretty accurate description of me at shows:

JimiC 09-03-2017 10:35 AM

Closet I ever got to a mosh pit was being on the periphery of one at NIN at MSG in 2000. Show where Manson came out as a surprise and did StarF'er Inc. & Beautiful People.

Ah, YouTube attempt failure...

neferkamichael 09-03-2017 10:43 AM


JimiC 09-03-2017 10:47 AM

Man, I wish I got to see Led Zeppelin live. I saw Plant solo a few times. Page with the Black Crowes was one of the best concerts I ever saw!

tomsteve 09-03-2017 10:54 AM

sobertyger, there were mosh pits at that metallica concert. i only saw metallica once- back in july 86- 2 months before cliff burton died, so dont really know if metallica has been a mosh pit kind of band. i personally just crank em to 11 and rock!
but then again, i do that with the likes of pantera, limp biskit, sabbath, zeppelin.....

SoberTyger 09-03-2017 12:32 PM

I saw this band live 3 times this summer (including this very show in the video), the speech he makes before the song is really touching, adressing issues of depression and addiction. Was very moving seing this live

It is one of the bands i really dig these days. They are from Iceland and has some awesome music vids filmed in the stunning nature on Iceland, and a very unique sound - reminds me a bit of Pink Floyd, mixed with a bit of metal and modern post-rock

Purplrks3647 09-03-2017 02:09 PM

Godsmack is my favorite! Their drummer Shannon Larkin is my hero....I have the logo & his autograph tattooed on me; they're kind of a big deal....and I have a spot reserved behind my shoulder for when I meet Slash :e058:

Great thread topic, Tyger! :headbang:

Purplrks3647 09-03-2017 02:28 PM

This is what got me to fall in love with them.....the drum battle they perform live at every show....and there's gonna be a new album in 2018 so you all can check it out next year!!! :D

neferkamichael 09-04-2017 05:36 AM

I just noticed the album cover above is Led Zeppelin 4, Rock&Roll is on Zep 1, I believe. I recently rekindled my passion for guitars. About this time last year I bought a guitar kit, an imitation Les Paul and it sounds really good. Got on a Les Paul forum, told them what I have and they through me off, NO Chibsons, and now that's what I call it my Chibson. Got a Hofner bass kit and a Strat kit as well. Bought all the equipment to wind pickup bobbins. So now I'm getting ready to work when I'm only 2 years away from retiring.
I saw Zeppelin 3 times back in the 70's. Although one of my favorite groups, the live concerts I saw were not that good. Had the chance to see the Beatles at age 13 but missed it and to this day have yet to see the Rolling Stones. Was listening to some internet radio station and all they played was modern Rock&Roll, glad to hear the genre is still alive and well. :egypt:

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