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Stocks and Shares Buying as a hobby

I got left some shares when my dad died now im trying to quit drugs and have bought a few more shares as well as reading up about them, its an interesting hobby and with banks paying hardly any interest its good for saving.

Thing is no one I know knows anything about them, so i just buy them using my bank as a broker (probably not the cheapest way) and make my stock picks using newspapers.

anyone else here interested in this, how do you pick? What companies do you have shares in? Whats the cheapest way to trade?
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Hi kiddo .. I started that hobby in 1968 as a High School Grad.. had 100 dollars to use 25.00 to Hudson Leasing 25.00 to Bagdad copper and 50.00 had to go to something smart NSP elec... Hudson Leasing in 1975 when sold paid for 2 years of college.. Bagdad Copper was bought and sold and dividend went up several times once every 3 months I rec'd a check for 75.00.. when I sold it off in 2000 my 25.00 in vestment gave me 4500.00 back... still have the NSP the pennies stay there it is worth all of 450.00 at this time ahhahaha... so if you do this .. hold them tight.. for the market is a roller coaster worse then your biggest bender. ekekekekek... go over the stock and bonds page every day. like playing the slot machine at the casino.. never play all your pennies in the same machine and hold on tight to the pennies and spend a few here and there.. see what hits your fancy.. right now have some how do you say it T-bills ??? one is risky one is safe.. have put 12.00 in each for the last 2 years.. I figure when my Daughter needs to cash them in for my end of this parade I will have over 10,000 sitting there . to be used to see me off to the next parade.. with balloons and music and a small wooden box for my ashes... have fun... hey what are you betting on... by the way when I put gas in the car.. I always say put 20 on the nose of number 8 always use the same pump.. guy behind the counter loves it to bits. ahahahahahahha my horse and it needs hay.. hugs ardy

Ardith Richter
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Theres a new company I read about making some stem cell drug to counter the damage done by strokes, it was cheap so bought near on 10,000 shares for £275, thought id just leave it for a few years until they done something spectacular, but looks like I got in at the right time as it keeps going up. Before now I never backed fast moving stocks, makes things much more interesting.
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I use Interactive Brokers; tremendous execution with very low rates. As to how I, or anyone else, picks stocks there are entire books devoted to that question, but there is no one right answer.

How much risk do you want to take?
What are your goals?
What edge do you have, meaning do you have an area of expertise where you know more about an industry than the average person?

The considerations for how much to invest and what to invest in are numerous. Only you can decide what is right for you, but I will leave you with some thoughts. Just because the shares of a company are low does not mean they are cheap. I don't fully buy into Efficient Market Theory, but there is some truth to it and a stock selling for pennies is there for a reason.

Fast moving stocks can move fast in both directions. Yeah, it's great when they're going up, but..... Still, if it fits your risk profile then go for it; I'm not trying to dissuade you, but do believe that buying stocks for the "interesting" factor is a path to sub par returns. I've spent my career investing to make money and what's interesting to me is that I no longer have to work because I can support my family with the income my investments earn.

How to do that didn't happen overnight, but I eventually settled into a protocol that works for me. Almost all of my investments have a certain profile and that's what I stay with. I don't need to catch every winner because there are plenty of fish in the proverbial sea and for me to venture into industries that I know nothing about means that I'm involved in a situation where others know a lot more than I do. Over the long haul that's no way to make money.

I wish you well and hope that you achieve the results you want.
I'm here not because I've lost everything, but because I have so much to lose. ~ Taken from a poster on SR.
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