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Parenting Opinions / Rant

As retired military I get very low cost health insurance. The downside is that my insurance was exempted from the ACA requirement to be available to my children until they are 26. It only covers them until they are 23.

My son turns 23 tomorrow. He will graduate from college in May. Then he wants to go be an 'intern' on an organic farm in Colorado. He gets some room and board, but just a $500 monthly stipend for pay. There's no way he will be able to afford health care insurance. (Or car insurance, or a cell phone...)

He'll be exempt from a tax penalty, but would you let your child be without health care insurance? Would you tough love him and stop paying for everything, would you wean him off of things sequentially, or would you just keep paying for his stuff?

Parenting was supposed to get easier!
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Nonsensical, this is a tough one. I think, it depends on your son. If he's working hard, doing all the right things, I would help him. Maybe not totally, but until he gets on his feet.

If he takes advantage of you and runs up the bills etc. I would give him a cut off date.

I believe he can apply for low cost/free health insurance. I would encourage him to apply! It's based on income.. he'll be below the poverty level.

This is just my opinion, I hope others will be along with their input.
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Check out Connect for Health Colorado

Hi nonsensical,

Opivotal is correct in that there is extremely low cost or even free healthcare options that each state has. For Colorado the website is connectforhealthco (dot) com (apparently I cannot post a link ) and he should be able to browse and select a plan that is best for him. The reason for being so cheap is that he is likely eligible for advance payment of the premium tax credit ; the website should be able to determine that based on an initial questioning of his income.

If he does lose coverage as of April 1, you'll want to act fast because the open enrollment period expired on January 31, but based on him losing coverage as of April 1 he will have a 60 day special enrollment period based on this "qualifying life event".

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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Well I am extremely disappointed in the health care plan I got on the open market. There is a sizable deductible and many exclusions; then it only covers 70% IF services are in their network.

I am sure your military plan has decent coverage. I don't know about any state-supported plans.

Anyway, just wanted to say that having insurance doesn't mean that your son won't have medical expenses. Insurance is mainly a subsidy for those with expensive illnesses such as cancer.
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That is a good consideration Coldfusion, the richness of the plan chosen will relate directly to its cost.
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