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KISS vs. KIS Failure Relapse Huh?

Posted 02-10-2013 at 01:04 PM by wiscsober
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KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid, has to be taken with a grain of salt. I think it is demeaning and unproductive to this recovering addict. I live by ďKeep It Simple.Ē KIS is positive, but makes a crappy acronym, and will never rise to the level of acceptance as KISS. When working the AA 12-steps I have to keep it simple, because it is the crux of the program and fellowship. Simply donít drink alcohol no matter what and try to carry the message to a suffering drunk who is sober or lit-up.

I am not stupid by complicating life, dissecting the program, figuring out if there is a god or not. Doing those things show I am fairly intelligent, arrogant and a tad egotistical. KIS. Maybe KIS might catch on. Doubtful

I am disturbed by discussions and research done on the failure rates of the Alcoholics Anonymousí twelve-step program, because the idea of the program failing or the individualsí failings does not take into account that addictions are insidious illnesses more powerful than the individual and the 12-step fellowships.

The disease can cause and/or contribute to a wide variety of other illnesses: obesity, malnutrition, high blood pressure, coronary ailments, diabetes, cancer, and mental illnesses. I know of no other disease that when active contributes to vehicular accidents, homicides, physical abuses, suicides, stealing, sex crimes, etc.

Going back to keeping it simple, I would ask what does this have to do with one alcoholic helping another alcoholic? Help is what AA provides. A key to recovery is that the founders of AA agreed that if drunks thoroughly followed the laid out steps there would be no failed attempts. This course of action covered all people by adding that people constitutionally incapable of honesty get a free pass.

I think alcoholism might be one of the worst insidious diseases, as I wrote before, but it is also one of the most treatable. My irrational mind often thought I might be one of those insanely anti-social people. Just lock me up so I can live sober. Most research and surveys of people who attended AA and relapsed does not take in account what steps of the twelve has the person worked.

Why donít the naysayers and even the advocates come up with numbers of members who relapsed after thoroughly working the 12 steps? Or of those who relapse while actively working upward through the steps. Or of those members who relapsed when carrying the message to another alcoholic? From the prior decades of being in AA/NA I know of no member who has gone back to drinking after thoroughly working the steps.

It has been commonly acknowledged that if AA members havenít worked the first three steps they donít have very basics to remain sober, or as commonly heard in meetings not even a stool to sit on. The member who wants any hope of lifelong sobriety must quickly move on to the fourth & fifth steps, and make immediate but rational amends and restitution. As stated in literature and by the fellowship members the rest of the steps are maintenance, prevention. While a member works through the steps, certainly they can revisit earlier ones. At some point, but as soon as possible all steps need to be incorporated in the personís life.

I donít think there is a failure rate. For the programs to fail, for the individuals to fail, means that the goals of physical, spiritual, and emotional were not attained, or that the 9th step promises werenít realized.

To simply state failures were when people who considered themselves AA members for one year (more or less) relapse; that is flawed and wrong. I would believe documented failure rates of members who remained abstinent, considered themselves AA members, and stated that truly they thoroughly worked all 12 steps, and practiced the steps in all of their affairs and then relapsed, but there aren't any studies. Such failures seem absurd.

If all fails in the end and we all get drunk letís KIS and just blame it on AA advocating copious amounts of sugar to thwart alcohol-craving!

ASS (Avoid Simple Sugars) - Now that's a great acronym. ASS. Iím sure we can get some decent numbers on that one!
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    Great post and insight. Of course people who have thoroughly taken the 12 steps are guaranteed to succeed.
    Posted 03-03-2013 at 01:17 PM by pravchaw pravchaw is offline

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