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Sleep...or lack there of....

Posted 03-22-2009 at 02:05 AM by lunarise sleeping pattern has been off recently so I decided to give myself a bed time, 11pm..and a wake up time.....8am I think that its certainly within reason. So I try the bedtime for a few days and it turns out I cant get up till 10 or 11 am SO when I try to go to sleep that night I cant go to bed at 11pm I am not tired. Then there are nights like tonight where I sort of feel tired but I dont wanna go to bed...I am afraid I will miss something...weird huh?...that and I just dont feel like I have accomplished all I need to for the day...I am not ready for the day to be over yet..... Granted I hated going to bed as a kid and I did feel like I was missin out then too...I think this thinking may have started when I was drinking....I was fine with sleep since sober till recently. The other thing is while trying to feel inside myself to see where this could be coming from I felt a ..... loneliness of sorts...which is strange because I was home with my huzzy all day although we really didnt connect today well. I dont know what the freak is going on but I sure would like to feel tired like a normal person and be able to want to go to bed and then get up no later than 8 hours later feeling rested...hmmm for now..I guess I will read....
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    I do the same thing. I have always been a night person tho.
    So I dont even try to make a bedtime. It makes me more awake when i do that.
    I do however try to be up at a certain time no matter what. And for some reason I have more energy when I have like 5 or 6 hrs sleep as opposed to 8 or more.
    Power naps rock by the way. Like a quick 20 or 30 min snooze sometimes really does wonders.
    Hope you can get rested soon. Your not alone...Thats for sure.
    Posted 03-22-2009 at 02:18 AM by Aysha Aysha is offline

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