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Posted 03-13-2009 at 11:46 PM by lunarise

Today sucks and here is a list of why....

I miss my mom terribly..she has been gone for over 3 years..I want her to hold me, I want to hear her voice.

I want to feel loved..by those who love me..consistently. not here or there but ALWAYS. In all actions.. in all words I want to be able to rely and take comfort in the fact that their love for me is not sporadic.

I wish my sister would open up to me more. i so desire to be closer to her but I feel like there is this wall, I cant get over it, I have tried.

I dont want o be afraid anymore about whether or not people like me..I dont want to care ..I dont want to give a fvuck at all..but I do...

I am just soooo tired..so tired...Im tired of trying to get to this place..this idea...and when ever I think I may have it in my sight the rug..where did it go..oh thats right woooosh pulled right from underneath me.....


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