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Every day is a new day, that's what I keep telling myself. The struggle is real. I'm in deep with this addiction to wine. I am searching for the answer how to turn it off. I feel lucky if I can keep it down to a daily minimum of just one bottle. I pray to God to take this addiction away. Some days I'm a fighter. Other days are a bit more challenging. Hopefully by putting this out there, starting today, I can find a new hope and believe in myself again.

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DAY 52 - Prayers for my Daughter

Posted 02-19-2019 at 09:07 AM by LoveHateMerlot

Today I dedicate this day to my oldest daughter. May God heal her pain. May He embrace her so tight that she feels joy and love radiating throughout her entire soul. That she may see that tomorrow is hope. Today is a gift. That she is gift. That she looks in the mirror and she sees her reflection as pure beauty. I pray to you God that she feels my love for her. She doesn't feel alone. She finds true happiness. That she takes down the walls. That she starts to allow the good people to come into her circle. That she feels bathed in a warm bath of unconditional love. Please walk with her today. Please hold her hand. Please give her strength to fight. Give her a peek of your pure joy.
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