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Every day is a new day, that's what I keep telling myself. The struggle is real. I'm in deep with this addiction to wine. I am searching for the answer how to turn it off. I feel lucky if I can keep it down to a daily minimum of just one bottle. I pray to God to take this addiction away. Some days I'm a fighter. Other days are a bit more challenging. Hopefully by putting this out there, starting today, I can find a new hope and believe in myself again.

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DAY 12 - Girl Stuff

Posted 01-10-2019 at 07:58 AM by LoveHateMerlot
Tags anger , depression , girls , pms , wine

If you are male, or you don't like to read about human nature and a female's "time of the month", you probably do not want to read this particular post. I want to write about everything involved in my life that sobriety affects.

Today, I have been sober for 12 days. It has been quite the mental challenge. My new iPhone X won't turn on for a few days now, which is a nightmare because I don't have a working phone, so that doesn't help my situation. I have been dealing with flares of depression, a touch of anger, and lots of sadness. Yesterday morning I had woken up elated, I had a very productive day and felt great in the beginning of the day. I started to decline near 3:00. I started getting irritated and moody, had a short fuse with my husband. The "talk in the bedroom" never happened. I couldn't stop eating throughout the night, I went to bed totally bloated.

I woke up today and started my period (oh DUH!). I SERIOUSLY forgot all about my period, and all of a sudden I looked at my husband and said, "I just PMS'ed sober!!". He knew exactly what I meant, and he congratulated me, because I usually turn into this evil monster the week before my period.

This past week I cried a couple times over commercials and realized a few times I had gotten angry and frustrated over the most ridiculous circumstances. Typically, it would have been 10 times worse. I usually drink A LOT while PMSing, and I am not proud of who I become.

Today I have cramps, I am fatigued, and a bit of a headache....but I am so blown away at being sober while PMSing that I don't care. I am so proud of myself today. I will still push to be productive. I will stay sober. The small gifts of sobriety keep pouring in. I think it is important to embrace each and every small positive reminder why we stay sober. Stay strong friends. Stay hopeful.
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