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In this blog, I plan to discuss what alcohol has done to me, as a person (wife, mother, daughter, friend... or lack thereof). I will also be documenting, day by day, the status on my road to recovery.
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Day 1. The first day of the BEST of my life.

Posted 06-25-2012 at 11:51 AM by Jen1981

Memory Lane:

I found out my boyfriend of five years had been cheating on me, with multiple people. The first thing I did was purchase a six pack of beer. I still question myself about that, because I had never been one to drink before, so why on earth was that my first go-to? A few weeks later, my friends decided I needed to get out of the house and spend some time "out" with them. We went to a local bar/club and I had my first shot of tequilla. Then many more, that night. I passed out with my head on the table at the club that night. I began going out each weekend with my friends and repeating the same thing. Eventually, I was no longer passing out at these places. Then one of my friends thought I should start dating again (you'd think I would have stopped listening to them by this point). So she sets me up with a really great, sweet guy. Unfortunately, he liked to drink as much as my friends did. When I wasnt out drinking with my friends, I was out partying with him.

Recovery, Day One (6-25-2012):
Today is going pretty well. No cravings for alcohol; which normally would be hitting me by now. We are getting ready to move back to our old neighborhood (our home was destroyed by a tornado last year and we are just now finished with the rebuild). Moving should keep me busy for a while and keep my mind of drinking. I have a lot of great ideas for handmade home decor and such, which will be a great way to occupy my time. I've always loved crafts, but drinking and crafts dont mix. I end up with 75 different, partially made, crafts. Some of which I never remember starting and cant figure out why (anyone need a broken pepperoncini bottle and 14 lose, blue marbles?).
I cant wait to enjoy a sober Monday.
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