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Thinking "Outloud"

Posted 07-09-2008 at 01:31 PM by HeavyJ

Everythime i start to write about my drinking and recovery I expect myself to write something very profound. I search inside for the "Ah ha" moments that make quitting easier. At first there are several moments, some that slap you right in the face, The first time I went to a bar and drove home sober, the first morning I woke up feeling great. Some of the moments are less obvious. Noticing that I am spending more time with the kids and actually parenting rather than baby sitting. Realizing that I can just live each day without worrying about a drink. Realizing that I can quickly squash that sudden urge for a cocktail. Once you decide to win, you can win. Last but not least realizing how far a little encouragement from strangers can take you.

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    Good deal J. Thanks for that
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