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letter to myself

Posted 11-21-2008 at 03:51 PM by endzoner

Sometimes its something we do and talkin to myself right now just seems the thing to do , SO .. what is going on in your mind girl what makes you so sad and misserable what seems most of the time , your always so daown , you put up a good front for outsides but inside your screaming in pain , dont you know what it is , cant you talk bout it . Whats makes you snap in a blink of a second ,you cant control things , some things are not for you to control and just need to be the way they are , but then theres things that you can control whats going on inside that lil head of yours , all the voices yelling one side or the other keepng you awake at nite , this isnt good for you , ya gotta know that dont you ? what is it you seek ? all the things that have happend in the past are the past you need to let some of them rest , i know its not easy you cant undo whats been done and you have to stop letting it eat at your soul , I know you miss your daughter and who wouldnt , it wasnt your fault none of this crap in your past is your fault . things happen for a reason . Youve been thinkin to much , to much free time on your hands isnt good , you know theres help out there for all the things that have happened in your life itstime to get help for them things and let this snap rest and do way with it . I hear your thoughts , trust me they dont shut up , they chatter on like you on a good day , your always wanting to talk when your happy but when your down like now you just sit and mope and take things out on innocent ones you love , not meaning to sound so negitive it just comes out that way . and them more havic comes it . I dont know what to tell you girl but you sure need to snap outta this twisted pile of rumble your buried under and breath in the fresh air for a change , dont let this take you to where your going with is another bout of major dperession , i just thought reading this would trigger that pea size brain in your head and do something bout what ever it is that has you so low ...
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    Its frustrating when we feel a certain way and we cant figure out why. It is also a lot of work to do the things we know we need to do, like forgive ourselves for past things and such. Just keep working on it, and hang in there. You never know what tommorrow will bring, and that is the exiting part!
    Posted 11-22-2008 at 12:37 PM by adore79 adore79 is offline

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