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Mr Captain Morgan my old friend

Posted 10-27-2008 at 06:20 AM by endzoner

Good morning all , thought id share a lil experience i had yesterday at work , As some of you mite know I clean motel rooms part time . Well its hunting season and sometimes they will leave tips , sometimes they leave beer/booze .
Well I was left a bottle of my old friend Mr Captain Morgan .100 proof .. oooh how he and i were were good friends , not even sure to this day its was cuz the drunk or cuz the taste , cuz it sure tasted good , cant even drink vanilla coke cuz of it , reminds me of that taste . Well any ways . you get to keep whats left in the rooms , and it was my room and i was all alone on the floor doing um , When i was done i pushed my cart into the maids room and was filling things up like im sposed to , there sat that bottle . and of all things i had a bottle of diet coke on my cart . you would think after 5 yrs of soberity that thinkin would just go away , but the fact is it dont .. it never will. But i looked at that bottle opened it up to smell that sweet aroma . said to myself yep thats the real thing . I could stand up here and pour some in my bottle of coke and no one would know no one would really care , aweee but lies I would care so would everyone else in my world . I wouldnt have to tell a soul ! But i would know and I cant do that to myself or my loved ones . mostly to myself . I wouldnt drink it . but its just funny how them feeling come creeping at you outta no wheres , nuttin was going wrong in my day was a perfectly normal good day . goes to show some dont need a reason to drink just wanna . but again i didnt drink , yesterday or today . but theres always tomarrow . but for today i choose soberity and im so greatful to my soberity and the knowledge that everyone shares in these rooms. Never become complacement . it never does go away . just lays dorment waiting for a trigger . Just wanted to share what happend at work , Hopeful you all are having a rockin sober day , like me !
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    chickenlady's Avatar
    Wow Zoner!! What an impactful blog. Lovin you more and more! Cheers!!

    Posted 10-29-2008 at 12:54 PM by chickenlady chickenlady is offline
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    Blake'sTyger's Avatar
    This was a great piece of perspective-- thanks for sharing, EZ!

    All the best,

    Posted 10-29-2008 at 10:14 PM by Blake'sTyger Blake'sTyger is offline

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