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Steps beyond the matrix of fear

Posted 04-07-2012 at 03:34 AM by eddie73

The end of january, i felt really positive about myself and about life. All thru feb and most of march likewise.

March saw the beginning of me dreaming about relapse. about things that were disturbing. It saw me waking up and ruminating on existential issues. it saw me feeling odd and displaced because of who I am or was. It saw me priming a fall or a drop in mood.

The drop in mood came. I did not slip. Thank god I didnt slip. I would not be able to go thru this again if I slipped. There is work to be done for sure. There is much work to be done in my life in terms of coming to terms with myself.

I have got to untangle the sneaky alcoholic judgemental person to the person that I am normally.
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