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    Opivotal's Avatar

    August 5th 2019 life at 69 not 19 or 29 or 49 or 59

    ((Ardy)) Sending my love and prayers to you and your Eddie Lee.

    Happy Birthday, lovely lady clown.

    Posted 08-06-2019 at 10:49 AM by Opivotal Opivotal is offline
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    ardy's Avatar

    Feb 2018 second year in the bungalow...

    March 2018 I had a stroke and we were rear ended car gone.. I am not well
    June 2018 my knees goes at work. Eddie lee is now the care giver as I am in a hip to ankle cast for 6 weeks..
    July 2018 at least enough money coming in that bills are paid and a tiny balance in the focus.. but he is so angry at me all the time
    August made it through my birthday .. and the 17 another car wreck. I am such a mess. hurt in new places.. my co-worker tries so hard look ardy my grand daughter did this silly thing. and plays a tiny video to stop me crying in pain
    Oct 218 Eddie lee is having problems what God just what is happing..
    Nov 2018 he has had a type of stroke the Doctors just blow it off.. take an asprine have some more anit acid stuff..
    Dec 2018 Christmas Day with Mike and Carol and friends. have a great photo of the fun we are having.. have to hang on to my photos of smiles and sunlight and laughter for I know something is terribly wrong..

    April 3 2019 12 hours of waiting for help in ER..
    April 4 2019 10am family Doc well we really can't find anything wrong with him.. He is going to ******* Die and you just are not doing the right test.. I got so angry Marine Drill Instructor angry.. popped my cork. they did a blood test. will take 4 hours to see what it is..
    April 5 Friday 5am back in ER with all the paperwork and what they found out from blood test .. his heart is going and the dummy at thefront desk. made like we were in her way. I stepped hard on several people.. Doctors fly into work.. 10am we are in special room under cameras and sound RN's in and out every 30 minutes.. little Doc Tonga Nfor. mrs we have to take him for a look see wil be back when its done. 11am he is rolled out I love you Babe I love you too Toots.. at 3pm I realize he has been gone for long time .. 4pm little doc nfor walks in and pulls me down softly to his size.. can feel Charlie passing and worring my Pop is around can smell the barber shop.. Nfor if I say Widow Maker to you wil you be terrible up set... I drew a breath looked God for help and asked how bad is his heart were you able to do any stints in the heart. his mouth dropped open my Dear How do you know what to say. 6pm now on 10th floor he stil does not know what happened but is coming around. I stay until mid night. he is resting and stable
    April 6 to many Doctors to count all with we have to do surgery very very soon. Sunday April 7th time table keeps getting flipped be here at 7am we are taking him then. I was there at 5 am Dummy don't screw this up .. Eddie lee is laughing RN's are shocked he is going in for surgery. I know it. just as we are to part Toots I lov eyou so much Babe I love you too. listen for my call. and he was gone..
    August 5 today is just 5 months out from just before surgery. not good head aches are back anger is back pale skin and now the black and blue of the lower legs . the brain Is lost at times. for he is confused on where he is going when he has to drive. forget s often and to much. how do I tell his Mom and Sister and Justin his son. if you want to spend time with him do it now for when he is gone its to late.. how do you tell a family to be a family.. when the time is slipping by so fast. Please God just help my Eddie Lee Please.
    Posted 08-05-2019 at 05:41 AM by ardy ardy is offline

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