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As long as I can remember I have wanted a backyard pond. Ive drempt of it, Ive planned it out Ive drafted and sketched it. So whats the problem? I have no idea why I havent started on it. I even plan to start slow with a 150 galon preformed pond and later add to it with connecting bridges. The pond(s) will be home for my turtles and some various fish.
I hope to get myself to actually by the liner this weekend and begin, but I know once I start theres no turning back.

At my old house I did have a small self sufficient 50 gallon pond that housed several shrimp 2 goldfish and a wild injured turtle. I even still have one goldfish from that pond swimming in the turtle tank. Ive promised the larger 2 male turtles, a Florida red belly and a red eared slider to be the first to reside in the pond, but that will be after the filtration is set up and fish are living okay and Ive been regularly checking the thermometer and water quality levels. Maybe even have a few plants growing and strong enough to endure the turtles rough housing and shredding.

It will be beautiful with coquina rock wall and bird of paradise around the outside, maybe even some of the gladiolas I recently planted.

Everyone I know is sick of hearing me talk about the pond and I really feel like I need to start on it especially with my spring fever setting in.

I know I have my work cut out for me, between keeping raccoons and herons away and falling leves and grime out. Ive done the research and helped at other ponds so I know it can be done and I love projects to keep me busy. So Im going stop writing about it and get ready to start actually building it and remmeber it could take all spring to ahve it perfect, but thats ok good things come to those who wait.


Posted 03-27-2008 at 10:11 AM by cinderellawkids (dreaming of a pond)

Tazzy is my pet ferret. Tazzy is the best friend Ive ever had. He's very hyper and bounces all over the place grabbing my ankles, hissing at me and hanging off my pants leg. He loves to chase the boys as well as the cats and dog and I believe he'd like to eat our other pets.
Taz is litter trained, sometimes and loves to steal shiny things and hide them in my boots. Atleast he doesnt take the car when he steals the car keys.
His newest thing is when he gets tired of playing he'll...
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