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Posted 05-05-2021 at 02:45 PM by bloss

I don't know about everyone else, but I forget my password all the time. I even set up a system guaranteed to help remember all the passwords I have, it works sometimes. Anyway, took me a bit of effort to reset everything and log in. Last year has been different and difficult for most everyone and hopefully this next year things will improve for all. I am still sober nine years as of 4/24/2021. I am so grateful for Sober Recovery, it really gave me something to hold onto when I thought there was no hope. I had been trying for so many years to give up drinking and my periods of not drinking always ended in picking up another drink. I look back now and realize the hold alcohol had over me and how it really caused more set backs and problems than I realized at the time. I was a type of person who had horrible cravings, that lasted for hours and days. I tried so many methods to stop and stay stopped. Some made sense, some did not. I was so desperate. Felt like a total failure each time I picked up and that made it worse. I try to be grateful each day for sobriety, even on the not so good days. Stopping drinking did not magically make life perfect, but it did allow my life to continue. I feel if I had continued drinking as I was, most likely I would not be here today. Wishing everyone a good day, sending positive affirmations to all who suffer from addiction (whatever that addiction is).
Believe in yourself and take care
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