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July 15 2015

Posted 07-15-2015 at 08:28 AM by ardy

love these blogs.. empty your heart soul and mind to the tap of the keys.. soon to be 65.... ah the golden years.. right.. in a hole so deep for payment of bills it is unreal.. good thing I do not have to live on meds.. for I would be screwed to the end.. what a joke kids.. if you have made a lot in your life and paid into Social Security you still can take a part time job and enjoy life.. unlike so many of us that washed dishes in a hospital kitchen worked as a temp to find a full time job.. or just had that full time job for a short time and something pulled it out from under you.. in 1966 when I was 16.. I made 80.59 my first year working. 20 hours a week.. yep.. 1.05 mim wage back then.. babysitting I made more.. on a friday night or sat night.. now after all the years have gone by if I took the Social Security now my payment per month would be 386.98 for the month.. working at this job for 27.5 hours a week 10.92 per hour.. and every two weeks paid .. I make 660.00 take out for everything I bring home 506.18 x 2 in a month... and accorrding to Federal guide lines the 18,282.73 I make in a year before taxing.. puts me and ed 3,000 over the poverty guide lines and the 895.00 I have in a 401k really stops everything else that could help us.... tried just so tried of the trying to keep up the good fight... want to go home and help milk the cows and feed the calfs.. chase chickens and laugh with my Grandma as we cook for dinner....... life in 2015..... hug someone you love very much.. pray with them and share some soup with your neighbors.. for the world Kids and Beans is going to get worse alot more worse in your times...
Love Ardith Ann Richter Roseland Quilling of Dunn County and Milwaukee County Wisconsin USA..
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    July 21 2015.... so Radar OReily came knocking on the Door.. hahahah Mash the old tv program helps so much.. when the light is being blocked find something that helps you laugh... tell that Devil to Get thy Behind me and stay there.. Or I will yell for Grandma.. hugs to all better in spirit health and mind today.. at least the squirrel I went next to run up the tree and did not set there and look at me like lunch hahahahaha love ardy
    Posted 07-21-2015 at 08:05 AM by ardy ardy is offline

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