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The Raven and the Frog

In Native American culture the Raven was called upon in ritual so that visions could be clarified. Native holy men understood that what the physical eye sees, is not necessarily the truth, and he would call upon the Raven for clarity in these matters. The Raven is also the keeper of secrets.

Due to the fascinating transitions the Frog goes through in its life, it is a symbol of metamorphosis. Furthermore, the Frog’s dual time spent on land and water represents duality of the soul.

-Info from symbolic-meanings .com

The fox is thought by many ancient cultures to be a messenger between our world and spirit world.
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Great meeting this morning

Posted 03-18-2009 at 09:27 AM by adore79

I like the cozy little meetings. I felt comfortable at this one, and greeted people and this time really thought that their greetings were real and heartfelt. Im looking forward to the noon meeting and the evening one.

Will start work on step one with my temp sponsor tommorrow. Finally, after all this time Im actually getting things done.

Feel good today. Still feel guilty and like I am a major burden on my folks, but that is what I am working on changing, so... Just a little longer, I'll become healthy or I will die and that is life.
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