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toad 04-17-2019 06:00 AM

where are you sharon
missing hearing from you.....not sharing Sharon?

aasharon90 05-06-2019 04:07 AM

Hey toad and friend...

I'm doing well here in B.R. and well...
just keeping busy working in my garden
of paradise which is where I spend most
of my outside time at.

Our motorcycle has been sitting and not
sure if it will be ridden again. My husband
has to be able to maneuver it and well.....

This past month something happened to
him which we are not sure what cause it.
He woke up with his eye really red and
irritated and then the side of his face
showed paralyisis or droopiness.

Did he have a stroke or what.....

For the past week he has been dealing with
allergies affecting his ears, nose and throat.

So he went in for a check up and come
to find out he had Bell's Palsy ..

Since the visit and meds. he has healed from
it pretty well which is great.

Anyway.....we are doing outside backyard
projects before it gets to be too hot and
maybe, just maybe we will take the Road
King out sometime this yrs for a nice ride.

In the meantime we are living a day at
a time to the fullest taking care of ourselves
in all areas of our life.

Thank you toad for your kindness and
concern. Hoping all is well out your way too. :)

toad 05-06-2019 06:21 AM

there you are..................I have a friend who rides a Harley trike and he had Bells Palsy and was medicated for it. It took a few months but his symptoms went away....he also thought it was a stroke, but praise God it was not.

Keep that Roadie fired up to keep it from damage by just sitting. summer is on us, and I think it could be a hot one...we have had many storms here in Missouri this year....I road to church yesterday evening, gonna rain the next few day.

good to hear from you, I had no idea why you were not posting..thanks sister

Astro 05-06-2019 06:52 AM

Sharon, a couple months ago my older brother (who has been fighting cancerous tumors for years) took a short fall on his patio and suffered an episode of Bells Palsy, he has not recovered fully but God willing he will, he is a courageous fighter though and doing well. Enjoy every moment, I'm praying for your husband and you as well.

aasharon90 05-06-2019 09:22 AM

Thanks Astro and toad...….

What I like about sharing with others is you get
to hear from other folks share their own experiences,
strengths and hopes on similar situations and let
us know that we are never alone and that sense of
understanding and support is pretty powerful. :)

I hope your brother continues to fight and his health
improves each day Astro and thank you for your kind
words of support as I will pass them on to my husband.

Toad, while we are not riding right now, I do keep
busy each day out in our backyard and do post often
on the garden thread where there is always something
to talk about when it comes to plants, flowers, birds,
nature. :)

I do miss riding passenger on our motorcycle and
have yrs a few or more yrs. of wonderful memories
I can reflect on to keep me inspired. I also miss the
trips we'd plan and take and bringing my laptop
with me to post what we are see and doing. sniffle

I am grateful that we were able to take those trips
when we did and those memories can never be taken
away. Anyway.....

I'm glad your friend has recovered as well toad
and the symptoms have left him and that it wasn't
anything more that was serious.

Sharin Sharon is always here in SR in one
forum or another and am keeping my program
and faith front and center in my heart, mind and
soul as without either I wouldn't be here.

Brothers and sisters in recovery we are as
well as friends. Never hesitate to pop in to
say hello as I will try to do the same.

Peace and love in the fellowship of recovery. :)

schnappi99 05-08-2019 07:25 PM

nice to see you up and about on here aasharon, if you can't be on 2 wheels then being up on 2 feet is still pretty good :)

aasharon90 05-09-2019 04:47 AM

Thanks schnappi. :) To be honest, I miss
riding and looking forward to a trip if we
had it planned, esp. to Sturgis to ride
the hills and be amongst the other riders. :)

Sniffle sniffle...:(

Being on 2 feet and showing up, I still
have that for sure. :) And for now, I have
my garden of paradise in my backyard
filled with so many flowers, plants that
give me so much delight, which is where
you will find me posting almost everyday
if you'd like to come visit me there and
we can talk about flowers and gardening.

It's another gift in sobriety that im grateful
to have and enjoy on a daily bases.:)

Thank's guys, I miss you too and talking

aasharon90 05-09-2019 10:07 AM

Hey toad, how is your day going?

Well, let me ask all you guys about
how your days are going? If we are
not riding, what else are you doing
for fun? :)

PhoenixJ 05-10-2019 01:33 AM

HEYA Sharon, prayers and support to you.

aasharon90 05-10-2019 03:43 AM

Thanks phoenix for your kind words.

Husband has healed remarkably as I'm
not seeing any signs of droopiness on his
left of his face like I did a few weeks ago.

Talk about a scary situation as not knowing
what was going on with him. Thank God this
Bell's Palsy didn't turn into something long

Hoping you are doing well today too.

I'm here if you need a friends ear to
listen. Take Care. :)

toad 05-10-2019 05:53 AM

Raining too much to do very much riding here in Missouri, I know that when it quits raining it will probably turn hot.....My favorite time to ride is probably fall when it is cool enough to have a jacket and the trees are full of color. Of course any time is a good time to ride, I don't even mind a little rain but don't enjoy having to clean the bike after to get off all the road grime....ya'll have a great weekend.

aasharon90 05-10-2019 09:31 AM

Hey toad, Sharon here. :)

Missouri has got to be pretty around Fall time
with all those pretty Fallish colors to enjoy while
riding around.

When it's raining outside, like it is today and
has been for several days now, I remind myself
that a little rain wont melt me if I get wet because
I reflect back on the times my husband and I
road thru some pretty hard driving rain, thunder
storms, hail, passing those 18 wheelers with water
spraying us from their wheels on some of our
memorable trips to Sturgis, Grand Canyon
or Daytona. :)

Keeping our motorcycles clean and in tip
top shape is important for an anytime ride
whether around town or on a trip. :) It's a
matter of taking pride or responsibility in
something that can keep us safe and looks
cool and grime free on the road. :)

Good to hear from you and hope you
fine folks have a nice weekend too. :)

PhoenixJ 05-10-2019 06:51 PM

same to you Sharon

aasharon90 05-26-2019 01:15 PM

:c012: Toad and fellow SR friends.

I told you toad that when we got back on our
motorcycle I would return and let you know.

Well.....we did it.:c043:

While out for a short trip to the store this
morning, I mentioned to my husband about
us riding to False River, a place I use to go to
with family when I was little. This place is a
man made lake or river that is pretty big for
folks to boat ride or stay at the camps or homes
built around it.

Anyway.....Just in mentioning it at the moment
it came into my mind, I said...."we could take a
ride to False River just like we use to do for the
holidays." Well.....I didn't get any feed back from
him, so I just let it slide.

Soooo, we get home and im outside feeding
my birds and watering my plants when all of
a sudden, my husband snuck up on me asking
if I still wanted to take that ride.

Well, didn't take me more than a second
to say, oh yeah. :slider3:

Let me tell you, I dont think it took me more
than a few minutes to gather myself, find my
riding clothes that I had no idea I could fit in
anymore. And then, it has been several or so
yrs since we got on the bike too.

So, we took off riding to fill up with gas first
then away we went feeling the warm breeze
all around us and i'm riding happy behind my
husband. :bbj:

We made it to False River going thru my home
town of West Baton Rouge seeing lots of new
growth and change since Hurricane Katrina
went thru there and old folks passing on and
businesses drying up and closing down.

Anyway, we rode over both the old Mississippi
River bridge which was the only bridge back when
I was little to get to the East side of Baton Rouge
as well as the new bridge which came later
and was my ticket out of a small town that
I may have died in if I had not left when I did
at the age of 18. we had a nice ride and I have to give
props to my husband who is in his 70's and was
able to maneuver the bike beautifully after his
back and bypass surgeries a few yrs back.

In fact I felt safer on the bike than I sometimes
do with him driving the car. :c008:

On our way back and in route there was a loud
backfiring noise that scared me to death thinking
we must have blown a tired. Sooooo, just as I had
already been doing since we left, I really began
praying:c016: to our Guardian Angels to protect us
and let us ride their wings all the way home safely.

Sure enough, we made it home safe and sound
after a 2 or more hour ride.:c043: From what
I was told about the noise, it was because we haven't
ridden the bike in so long and it does that when
it sits up.

Well.....we have broken the ice and now we
can get out more often and leaving earlier in
the morning before it gets too hot. We can
also look forward to cooler weather when
Summer is over.

Yah, we did it..!!! we finally bit the dust and
rode on our Harley once again. :dance8:

PhoenixJ 05-26-2019 05:16 PM

1 Attachment(s)
so good, Sharon.....slightly jealous, but lots of gratitude to enjoy such and bikes do not get on, BUT the freedom I feel driving, windows down and muic, like yesterday in the Adelaide hills

aasharon90 05-27-2019 06:34 AM

:c024:Jealous Phoniex:e070: ….if anyone should be
envious, it has to be me of you and where you
live. :)

I went to google and see where Adelaide is and
what it looks like from the picture you posted
and it is AWESOME. Beautiful and lovely.

Here is a youtube video I found. It was just
one I was looking at and they all paint a gorgeous
picture of where you live in Australia.

PhoenixJ 05-27-2019 03:10 PM

so good you can still do the bike thing...nothing quite like it.

PhoenixJ 05-27-2019 03:11 PM

as for my little city- I luvs it.

aasharon90 05-28-2019 03:51 AM

Thanks phoniex.

Here is a picture of a motorcycle that looks
similar to ours. This one is a Honda, but ours
is a Harley RoadKing and is a 2 tone red similar
to this one.

We started out with a 2 wheel Harley Sportster
10 or more yrs ago. Then we upgraded to the RoadKing
and had the California side Car company convert
our 2 wheels to 3 with the trunk and fenders in
the back to give us more stability.

We then rode it to Sturgis in South Dakota,
Grand Canyon and Daytona for a few or more
yrs and had a good time.

Being able to ride long distance, making
stops along the way, being outside in the
elements, is soooo different from that in
riding in a car. :)

Maybe one day you can get you a motorcycle
you like and either ride it 2 wheels or trike it
out like we did.:)

I did take the motorcycle test and did get
my endorsement but decided I liked riding
passenger with my husband. All that shifting
and stuff was too much going on for me. had been several yrs since we
last got on our bike and didn't know for sure
if we ever would again. With my husband
back surgeries and time for healing at his
age, I just had to wait on him.

So, when he wanted to go with a little persuading
I was excited for sure. :)

Can you imagine riding a motorcycle in
your town? Along those winding roads,
hills. Stopping to see the view along the
way. Enjoying the air around you. The
wind, freedom..... It would be AWESOME..!!!! :)

Here's another similar picture too.....You have to scan
the pictures and when you come to a red one, 8th picture.
I think....:)

toad 05-28-2019 06:02 AM

I am happy for you and your husband, back in the wind. I saw an article the other day that said that those who ride have a way of relieving stress better than those who do not...we all knew this was true anyway. The backfire could have been because of bad gas (setting to long), you might put some seafoam in the tank and let it run for a while (clean the injectors). ..... sounded like a wonderful ride.......thanks for sharin' Sharon.

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