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Hey Schnappi……

Good to hear from you.

I was hoping someone would come along and
talk motorcycles so that I can get inspired and
motivated to pass on this energy to my husband.

So seeing you post today made me soooo happy.

Just reading how you are getting your
motorcycle running and needing to get
a few things done to get you safely on
the road for future rides down the road
really lights the fire inside my heart and
soul to want to ride too.

The only thing is...…

Since im just the passenger and rely on
my husband to take me riding, it will have
to be me to motivate him. Reason why....

Well....he is 71 and Im 60. When we met
he was where I am today. Give him back
10 yrs and me 10 yrs....well, he met a young And I was sooooo excited to meet
someone with a motorcycle so we could
ride together.

In the 10 yrs together, we have had a blast
and have wonder memories riding to Sturgis
and putting lots of miles on our bikes. Now,
with quite a few surgeries and 10 yrs older,
well, he doesn't move like he did 10 yrs ago.

And I understand. Anyway, I am guessing
we wont have much longer riding the bike
together. Me, I still have 10 plus yrs I would
like to ride, but.....that part of our life maybe

Today I was cleaning out the back of our
car, when I finished then turned to our Harley
and began wiping the dust off with my leather
glove. Seeing the shine of the chrome, the black
leather seats, windshield, Gremlin bells, etc.
touching every part of the bike.

Then to see your ready
to ride.

Maybe if more motorcycle riders come by
and post here sharing anything and everything
motorcycle, then, just maybe my next post I
can let you guys know we took our bike out
and had a fabulous ride.

Baton Rouge, La.

I turn my will and life over to the care of a Power greater than I on a daily basis for guidance, care and protection.
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toad (02-20-2019)
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Man have I been playing motorcycle mechanic the last couple weeks. I have 2 friends bikes in the shop, all kinds of problems that come from no maintenance.

The one that I do find a bit grating is the one that I got going 3 years ago, full overhaul of brakes, levers, hydraulics, chain & sprockets, carb and my guy has done <nothing> to it since. So I've spent probably 40hrs, re-overhauling a bunch of it thats now rusty and frozen, and to top it off he broke 2 exhaust manifold bolts (in all fairness maybe not entirely his fault- this engine casting is made out of cheese). Got all that straightened out in time for his birthday, which is cool. But for petes sake he had my air compressor for 2 weeks and never bothered to check his tire pressure (14psi front and rear for-the-win), and one of his LED taillight bulbs (that I put in 3 years ago) has been dead for the last year.

My other hopeless case is an older CB750 that the other guy (a friend from AA) leaves out all the time, no cover no nothing and it is a flipping train wreck. Did a complete rebuild of his rusty and seized front brake, have salvage parts for the forks which have the seals popping out because the retaining springs rusted out.. the carbs were straight out of a horror movie. But thats all mostly done and the engine runs suprisingly well (aside from the rust holes in the exhaust for heaven's sake). He's on a budget so whatevs... ebay and free labor will get him rolling too, in time for the better weather.

So- you riders, maintain your stuff- don't be that guy!

On the plus side, been riding a lot lately. Starting to get comfy on the R6, figured out how to look behind me, and where my weight is on the bike- and that the torque comes on like a hammer when you downshift once or twice and roll on up over 8k - man that 4 cylinder wail is something else from the seat. But its mighty lonely out there, riders seem kind of bashful this year, temps in the 40's where are you all?
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