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  1. ADHD medications can risk causing psychosis
  2. Rob Lowe
  3. Wendy Williams tells her addiction story on her TV show
  4. “If you’re alive today, you can make it back. You’re worth it.”
  5. Joe Walsh, Ringo Starr and the Mission to Save 45 Million Addicted Americans
  6. One woman's experience talking to her children about their uncle
  7. U.S. deaths from alcohol, drugs and suicide hit highest level since record-keeping began
  8. What are your favourite bits of sobriety related content?
  9. Peter Tork 1942-2019
  10. Diet soda use associated with heart issues.
  11. Mackenzie Phillips- reecovery in action
  12. So very sad about Kristoff St John
  13. James Wilsey (Chris Issak guitarist)
  14. Great article about alcohol and social anxiety
  15. Anne Hathaway Quits Drinking
  16. Vaping addiction?
  17. Marlee Matlin is 32 yrs sober!
  18. Cruise Line Not Liable After Passenger Drinks 7 Double Vodkas & 2 Beers
  19. It's OK That I Don't Drink. It's Not OK That You Ask Why.
  20. Dirty John
  21. Iceland and alcohol, a joined up, grown up approach
  22. "32 Pills: My Sister's Suicide"
  23. A Star is Born - alcoholism
  24. Loosid - A new sober platform?
  25. Very good article about increased death rates from alcohol for women.
  26. "Beautiful Boy" and the question of non-supportive families
  27. Don't Worry, He Won't Get Very Far On Foot
  28. Bohemian Rhapsody...
  29. New Crisis Text Line in Canada
  30. "They cry and cry and cry."
  31. Jamie Lee Curtis reveals battle with Opioid Addiction
  32. "Addiction" on NOVA
  33. Macklemore aka Ben Haggerty
  34. “Mini-Me” from “Austin Powers" dead from alcohol intoxication
  35. Ben Affleck
  36. "Sharp Objects" - Amy Adams as an alcoholic
  37. Louis Theroux Documentries
  38. A Mom in Recovery
  39. This study shows genetic link to pot use and schizophrenia
  40. Dolores O'Riordan accidentally drowned after drinking, inquest shows
  41. Christopher Kennedy Lawford Passing
  42. Misleading poster about drinking during pregnancy
  43. No healthy level of alcohol consumption, says major study
  44. Aretha Franklin, The Queen of Soul, Passes
  45. 76 people overdose in New Haven
  46. Canadian actress Margot Kidder's death ruled a suicide
  47. Demi Lovato speaking out
  48. More Incidences Of Dogs Being Poisoned By Marijuana
  49. 'I sank eight beers a day during my pregnancies - I’ll never forgive myself'
  50. Tanya Gold, writing on her alcoholism for The Guardian in 2017