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  1. What do people in recovery do for pain?
  2. Transitional from Oxycodone to Suboxone
  3. Opiates no better than over the counter?
  4. Hi, I hope no-one minds me joining in here
  5. Hard as a rock lump on arm from IV use of heroin
  6. About Recovery
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  8. Medical Cannabis and Guilt
  9. Need advice on how pain mgmnt works.
  10. Lower left abdominal pain
  11. Pain Management Patients Suffer Due To DEA Regulations
  12. In pain in danger
  13. trigeminal neuralgia
  14. Serious fatigue while in recovery
  15. Not Particularly Surprised...
  16. Cryotherapy
  17. Pain
  18. Alcohol and arthritis?
  19. Constipation for over year, pain all over abdomen
  20. my dr switched me from perc 10mg, to morphine and perc, help
  21. Anxiety and opiate withdrawals
  22. Hydrocodone
  23. Fentanyl
  24. Foot Surgery Soon - Scared of Pain Meds
  25. Really glad this is here
  26. *Problems*
  27. My pain dr just got arrested! My apt was next week what do i do?
  28. Looking for Advice-Mother's Chronic Long Term Pain
  29. uurghhhh
  30. scared
  31. Nutrition for NASH/ASH
  32. Frozen shoulder
  33. Spinal Cord Stimulator all done - Update!
  34. quitting oxy even though prescribed for pain
  35. Side benefit of a Spinal Cord Stimulator
  36. Things NOT to Say to Someone with Chronic Pain
  37. seeing a pain dr, still in pain,
  38. Spinal Cord Stimulator all done!
  39. This isn't "chronic" pain, but..
  40. Going insane
  41. I have lupus and I'm and addict
  42. frustrated and scared
  43. I'm Done
  44. sobriety after surgery
  45. Please welcome sloanedog
  46. Anyone diagnosed with Opioid-Induced Hyperalgesia?
  47. 42 days but struggling with back pain, grrr
  48. pain management advice? shoukd i stick with my dr? other questions.
  49. going to a pain clinic today, depressed,no immdiate release oxycodone?
  50. I have terminal cancer