Anyone else on Paxil?

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Anyone else on Paxil?

I've been on Paxil for a while and I noticed it works fairly well.

Anybody else experience positve results with Paxil?
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Hi Gary,

I haven't tried Paxil because I'm afraid of the withdrawal coming off of it, but it is commonly used for anxiety and works well for many people.
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I started on Paxil CR. I orignally went on it for panic attacks.

For a while, they took the CR off of the market and I was on regular Paxil. Could not tell a lot of differenc.

I am now back on the Paxil CR.

It works great for anxiety and panic attacks, but I am thinking about changing to something more for depression.

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Originally Posted by Gary2140
I've been on Paxil for a while and I noticed it works fairly well.

Anybody else experience positve results with Paxil?
Does Paxil help with depression?
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Helpful Website Concerning Paxil

Answers a lot of questions concerning the drug Paxil:
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I was on paxil, but had an allergic reaction to it.

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I used to take that stuff, worked OK for anxiety, but I just couldn't stand the sexal side effects. And like Morning Glory mentioned, quiting this drug is tough. Lots of withdrawal problems. I had to taper off for weeks.
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I was prescribed it before. But the point seems to be to me...if it works for you then YAY! Right now I am on Lexapro. And trazadone. an antidepressant I haven't been on! LOL
It did help me. But now, we have found a different combo that works better for me. We are all different.
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I am taking it. It is week 3 for me. I am still hoping things get better. I notice maybe a slight difference.
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I love does work...for me anyway.
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Lexapro. And trazadone
Really?? If I take one Tradone... I am sleeping.

Wellbutrin is the best med for depression to me. I take Celexa also.
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Paxil worked pretty well for my anxiety.. but I as well couldnt stand the sexual side effects, and the withdrawal off Paxil is absolutely horrible. Even when tapering off, it was severely disturbing symptoms. I noticed these "electric shock" feelings going off in my brain every 10 seconds (literally) for about a week and a half, that was the worst of it.

Overall the drug is good... but man, what a withdrawal.
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I was on Paxil for about a year, and while it seemed to help a slight bit with the anxiety, I had put on weight from it. Getting off was HELL!!!!! I was suicidal and irrational (and very aware of it at the same time!).....I had to go on several other meds while tapering off. It was one of the scariest things I've ever been through. Never again will I ever take another SSRI...that's honestly how scary it was!
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I was on it for about a year and I guess it worked well, I didnt have anxiety I can recall but I also weight trained daily. Recently Ive been on lexapro for about a year and my anxiety got real bad lately, so they switched me to cymbalta and it didnt help and then zoloft and that didnt help. Now back on the paxil cr 37.5 and hopefully it helps. I cant live with these attacks.
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I am glad I found husband is on Paxil now....this Thursday will be 2 weeks......did any of you have the initial side effects? How long did it take for you to be able to level out once you did start taking it?
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I was on paxil for a death in the family after I had struggled dealing with it for over a year or more. It did actually help with that a lot. It is actually quite good for severe grief.

I have mixed feelings about this drug, but I must admit I did not use it wisely.

This was years ago and they probably warn people not to do this but I was assured this was a quite safe drug and I 'floated' the dosage - I would go up if I thought I was having more stress or needed calming.

That was very stupid for me to do that. I was on about 50 milligrams and one or two days in a row took 70 milligrams.

When I decided to taper off this drug (in 6 weeks time) it was tougher because I was on a higher dose. I also tapered way too fast too.

My stepmom had an allergic reaction to it and tried lexapro and likes that,
my aunt settled on liking Celexa (sp).

I know they both take the lowest possible dosages which is quite wise because then not quite so daunting to taper off of.
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I should add that the two family members mentioned have not intention of tapering off their anti depressant as they feel so good with it they plan on being on it indefinitely.

They don't ever plan to taper at this point.
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