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I am worried what's happening to me these past few days. I'm in the right mind to think now so i take this opportunity to ask for some help. I saw it along the way that maybe CBD can help me. I am experiencing behavior where i feel like i am alone but i am not. I'm stressing myself with no reason, i over think with small things, i feel like im too emotional every time someone says something about me. I know i need a professional opinion about this but i just want to have an alternative solution and i read that CBD can help me. I am not sure if this thing works. So does anybody tried it? I need help. Please..

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My friend said that it works well for anxiety but I have not tried it.
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I've tried several different things for my anxiety over the years and for long term relief I don't think there's any substitute for good professional help and a holistic plan to treat the source of the problem rather than the symptoms. Certainly meds can help one get over the hump so to speak, but they need to be part of a larger plan to treat the source. For me that plan has involved exercise, mindfulness and meditation, diet changes, getting enough sleep, cutting out or cutting back on stimluants ( caffiene, sugars ) and therapy.
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I am under the care of a psychiatrist for my anxiety and depression. While I have not tried CBD oil, I take a non habit-forming prescription, it might be worth asking that professional about before you just start taking it. It is expensive to use long-term from what I do know.

I also practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help manage my anxiety and find that it works quite well in directing my thoughts to more useful and manageable forms.
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CBD oil and derivatives of it aren't going in my body, absent the opinions of at least 2 well-trained psychiatrists.

I wouldn't dream of taking that risk with my sobriety.

I'm not being critical of people who feel differently - it's your sobriety and recovery.

But I make the rules when it comes to mine.
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I take a full spectrum CBD oil and it does help. It has no psychotropic effects. Copaiba essential oil is helpful as well for me.
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I've taken CBD oil with and without THC. At first the one without THC was helping great, but I had to take a half dose more than what bottle said. And at $90 a bottle I couldn't keep it on hand. After doing a lot of research, I decided to try CBD oil with the THC in it. It worked but then I was getting anxiety shortly after taking it, so I took another half dose. I got to the point where I took too much and now can't use either form anymore. It gives me anxiety and increases my urge to drink.

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