Anxiety and procrastination as relapse triggers

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Anxiety and procrastination as relapse triggers

Procrastination is the main tool I use to cope with anxiety. Not a good tool, especially when doing only must-dos is very much what makes me feel like relapsing. I have hobbies but lately either donít do them or want to drink while doing them. I hate procrastination at this point but it feels safe even though it eventually makes me want to drink. I know it doesnít make sense. I donít know if loneliness is part of it or not. I just donít feel like I know who I am anymore and at least being lazy is familiar. My mom died 4 years ago and she was my only friend. I just feel lame and anxious and annoying. Anyway, I guess Iím asking how to stop procrastinating when anything that takes longer than 10 minutes seems overwhelming. Sorry if this is vague.
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I'm a huge procrastinator.

I know I always feel better when I actually take care of something - but in the moment it is easier to just put it off. I find I like being up against the wire, it causes anxiety/excitement and that is a familiar feeling. I feel alive when I'm in the struggle. Not a good adult life skill but it isn't uncommon.

I know this doesn't help. I do understand or relate to where you are, though.
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Ceedaily, I know it's been quite a while since you posted this, but I just wanted you to know you're not alone. I talked to my mom every day. She passed away 8 years ago this August. You want to talk about procrastination? I haven't closed her estate out yet because for the longest time it was just too painful to even think about, much less gather bank statements, death certificates, etc. But then the anxiety and shame compounds. It's a bad cycle. I'm finally making myself get everything together and get this monkey off my back.

My dad is a procrastinator, and my teenage daughter told me last night (after I scolded her for not cleaning her room, when I'd been after her to do it for a week before she left for a week) told me that she's a natural procrastinator. So the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

All we can do is try. Start with the little things and reward yourself in some small way for what you accomplish. I struggle, and probably always will struggle.....but we can always strive to be better.
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