fear of what you done

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fear of what you done

hi all 3 days off a massive binge and my anxiety is crippling me so much it's affecting my work. long story short my last night of drinking is a blackout but I'm convinced I was bad mouthing a very dangerous man and he's going to be after me. I can't stop making up scenarios in my head and it's driving me crazy. do you think the anxiety will calm down after a few more days being sober? u hate the way I am when drunk I'm nothing like my normal self and get myself in some dangerous situations
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Hi zac,

Welcome! I'm from the Friends and Family side of this addiction coin, but it is my understanding from reading around SR over the years that....

Yes, the anxiety will subside if you maintain your sobriety. I think your brain chemistry is trying to return to a sort of normal state. Others will be along soon who have more experience with this!! Hang in there! You are worth this effort
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Yep, my anxiety gradually faded as I worked my way through recovery. My experience was that it took more than a few days though. Welcome to SR, you can do this!
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I always had very legitimate fears about what I said and to whom i said it.

After being sober for a good while, I used to have dreams which seemed to be based on the notion that I had done something very bad in my past that was coming back to haunt me.

Mercifully, it was all fiction and dreams.
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