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Hey guys,

I'm on holiday and iv been reading a book called The Betrayals about a girl who has suffered with ocd. Alot of this book is spookily like myself, ocd is never really anything that has crossed my mind but alot of the traits resemble myself, I always thought ocd was about having everything neat and orderly but now iv learned there is so much more to it than that. Since quitting drinking I would say these behaviours have possibly increased slightly as I'm more aware of my thoughts. I'm not looking for a diagnosis here or anything of the sort, I'm waiting for my next appointment with my therapist and will speak with him in depth but in the mean time I'm just looking to see if anyone else suffers from ocd and how they manage it? Thanks lpg
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I believe I have a mild form of it, and my feeling is not that I "suffer" or "struggle" with it, it's just part of who I am, who God gloriously made me. My personal view of OCD is it's "a place for everything and everything in its place", an orderly life that makes me calm and comfortable. Some days I'm more focused on it than others. I don't feel a need to manage it, and most days I don't even think about it.
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Hey Lpg,
I don't have OCD myself, but my partner suffers from severe form of it. That includes intrusive thoughts, extreme equalization tendencies, germ phobia etc... He orders a big box of antibacterial wipes every month and is constantly washing his hands. And I mean, constantly. He is currently in therapy (CBT) and is taking medication. Life together is not always easy, but since he started these treatments, I can see he developed some strong coping skills and is doing much better.
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My anxietys and ocds are formed around catching illnesses from germs (latest one is bacterial meningitis)
, intrusive thoughts, checking doors are locked and the most serious one is harm coming to my family, the last one is really starting to take over my life, I'm always praying that my family are kept safe and if they don't answer my calls I automatically assume they are dead. I'm always checking when they where last active online and if its been more than a few hours I worry and starting calling them (upto 20 times)
Iv always been this way bit since quitting drinking its becoming quite challenging as I don't know how to cope with it, also I had never considered it to be ocd but this book is like I could have wrote it myself minus a few rituals. Just don't know how to cope with these thoughts.
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Oh this topic is interesting, I could go on forever about my crazy theories of how ocd and addiction are actually kind of the same thing. I mean drinking for an alcoholic is an obsessive, compulsive behavior is it not?

The rituals people with ocd have help them "manage" their anxiety.. they may not be able to control other people, events, circumstances, etc. but they do have control over how many times the door is locked or whatever else it might be.

I don't seem to have active symptoms now but did actually had the same intrusive thoughts/obsession (for a few months or so) when I was a child about harm coming to my family members.. was actually convinced they were going to die. That's how I know ocd is and always has been a factor in my addiction(s).

CBT seems like a great treatment method.. you can't always control your thoughts or your emotions, but you can control your actions. That's the empowering part.
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