Anxiety and life

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Anxiety and life


I've been here for years and I am a very active member, but there is one things that is SO hard for me to talk about that I kind of avoid it. I am also somewhat sick of talking about it ~ I feel like I have spent my whole life talking about my allergies...I am the girl in the plastic bubble.

Food, fragrances, fumes, errr....alcohol, you name it, it can kill me.
I have had anaphylactic shock so many times in the past 18 months that a doctor warned me that I could really die from this. Last time my heart went badly out of rhythm.

And I try so hard and my husband is amazing....he has a file on me the length of your arm, or leg....everything Suze needs to avoid.

But still, as careful as I was as I moved to the States from Aus last year, I got sicker and sicker. My eczema and asthma was the worst of my whole life by far. I was so so stressed and upset all of the time. Itchy and sore and miserable. Unable to breathe.

We did so many things...filters and humidifiers and organic luck. Well, some for sure. But I was still so anxious.

I was growing despondent, wondering if I could live here.

Last week my Australian GP spoke with me on Skype and accidentally found the answer. It's Advil. In the US it (and other meds maybe, I do not know) are made with gelatin caps. I am very very allergic to gelatin. It is not used in Australia for this at all....I now have Advil here from Aus and it is fine for me.

After I stopped using it (and I was not using much except for when I dislocated my jaw last month) things changed.

Nick keeps telling me I am a different person....his Suze again. All of my anxiety dissipated as my eczema started to go away. I have now gone almost two days without an asthma attack. It feels like a miracle.

I am sure I am not fact I know I'm not.
I have at least one friend in the 24-hour thread who has horrendous allergies and related stress.

It's awful. Really. The only thing in my life I have ever felt was truly unfair. Yes, far more unfair than being an alcoholic. That I can treat.

How do I treat the world though? I can't....every day of my life is filled with fear.....what perfume or fume is going to knock me out?


Suze xx
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Aw, Suze, I am so sorry that its so hard for you. thank goodness you found out about the advil!
I hope that somehow you can continue to steer clear of those things which hurt you.
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I'm sorry your allergies are complicating your life so badly.
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Thank you ~ mostly it's that this causes such distress. Anxiety. I wonder how may of us go through this....probably a lot more than you think.

In Aus, one of the products I love is now going to list Garlic even when in a tiny amount instead of Spices Added...they don't legally have to under a certain amount. People don't seem to realise that there are as many of us allergic to garlic and onions (Allium family) as there are people allergic to peanuts.

It is serious and it is scary to eat out anywhere. Our favourite burger place who know full well about my allergies messed up a couple of nights ago. People do not take this seriously enough....

Not really a problem....I don't need to eat out. But I do need to breathe when I'm out and there lies another problem. I never know what perfumes people will be wearing, so I never know if I am going to go from perfectly fine to panic attack and migraine. It is very very disconcerting.
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I'm really glad you found the advil thing out!
I wish you the best with finding answers for the rest of your allergies Suze

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This sounds very serious, but I'm proud of you for the courage it takes to keep trudging. Thank God you found out about the Advil! (((hugs)))
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You are all very kind..... s

Honestly, I started thinking about how many of us this affects. I just wanted to put it out there in case someone else related. I know it can be so much worse when you feel alone.
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Just remembered about this thread.....gosh I was so stressed....I wanted to say that I have now solved all of the allergy issues I was having here, and it has made a huge difference to my mental state.

I have found organic everything....and the best brands here. It means groceries are more expensive, but it's worth it.

It is easy to get pain relief and vitamins and anything needed without gel caps, or made with vegetable gel caps. It is worth investigating all of this, even though it was fairly time-consuming....I feel so different. I feel calm again.
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Best news EVER, dear Suze!
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That's great that you discovered your allergy to the gel in Advil.

Welcome to the states.
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