Beta Blockers

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Beta Blockers

The one thing that really helps me is low dose propranolol or atenolol. Really amazing at least in my experience so far.
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Hi im on propranal as well. 3 times a day. Life changer for me!
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I took propranolol (generic Inderal) a few years back w/paxil and I felt like a zombie! Maybe it was the mix of the two. I wound up taking atenolol and most recently metropolol for anxiety/hypertension. Beta blockers work well generally--although people will react to them differently.
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Side effects

Iíve been on propranolol for quite a while. Iíve put on a stone lost some hair and have episodes of breathing issues and dizziness. It used to work quite well but lately I can feel a difference in my panic attacks. Been to doctors twice bloods done chest checked ect everything is normal.Im at a loss as to why Iím now back to what feels like square one 🤷🏻*♀️
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I was taking atenolol for several years for a fib, but it had the added benefit of calming my anxiety. For some reason, atenolol is no longer available so I'm on metoprolol and it does the same thing. Slows the heart rate and prevents A fib.
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