The sensation and onset of anxiety

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The sensation and onset of anxiety

I am in day 2 of "sobriety", and having recently started to suffer withdrawals, I have found myself being better at identifying the onset of anxiety as it happens - it's a feeling, for me, like a ticklish pang that happens in my upper thighs, arms and up through my stomach. Is that similar to what most people describe ? I have just woke. Up from a much needed 12 hour sleep thanks to 15mg of Zopiclone (of which I have a supply). I also have 10mg of diazepam to deal with the anxiety related to day 2 of stopping and also for pragmatic medical reasons around stopping suddenly. I just wondered if these pqngs are more specifically alcohol withdrawal related or have I just become better at identifying anxiety per se? Plus, how long will I have to experience these unpleasant sensations? A week or so? It's definitely not a comfortable feeling! I used to drink to kill the boredom but I'll take boredom any time over this!
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Hey howís it going? My anxiety and alcoholism is linked, I drank to make it disappear then every time I sobered up it was back 10 fold! In my experience the intense anxiety from withdrawal was about 3/4 days then it eased off to become manageable then went away when I finally changed my lifestyle friends etc ... Iím not a confident person so Iíve found that itís ok to spend time alone as long as you arenít lonely xxx good luck would love to hear how you are getting o.
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