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Morning Glory
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Smile Self Talk


I don't deserve love
I am a bad person
I am terrible
I am worthless
I am shameful
I am unlovable
I am not good enough
I deserve only bad things
I cannot be trusted
I cannot trust myself
I cannot trust my judgement
I am powerless
I am never in control
I am weak
I cannot protect myself
I am stupid, not smart enough
I am unimportant
I am a disappointment
I deserve to die
I deserve to be miserable
I cannot get what I want
I will fail
I have to be perfect, please all
I am permanently damaged
I am ugly, my body hateful
I should have done something
I did something wrong
I am in danger
I cannot stand it
I cannot trust anyone
I cannot let it out (must hide it inside)
It's not OK to show or have emotions
I cannot stand up for myself
I am different, don't belong
I should have known better
I am inadequate


I deserve love; I can have love
I am a good, loving person
I am fine as I am
I am worthy; I am worthwhile
I am honorable
I am lovable
I am deserving, fine and OK
I can be trusted
I can (learn to) trust myself
I can trust my judgment
I now have choices
I am now in control
I am strong
I can (learn to)protect myself
I am intelligent and I can learn
I am important
I am OK just the way I am
I deserve to live and enjoy life
I deserve to be happy
I can get what I want
I can succeed
I can be myself and make mistakes
I am or can be healthy
I am fine, attractive, lovable
I did the best I could
I can (have) learned from it
It's over; I am safe now
I can handle it, find help
I can choose who to trust
I can choose to let it out safely
I can safely feel, show my emotions
I can safely let my needs be known
I am OK as I am
I do the best I can; I can learn
I am adequate.
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Hi Morning Glory, This is a great post. Congitive theraphy classes have been most helpful with my understanding the problem. I don't fully understand it yet but, some of the PTSD is learned. Because of past experinces I have learned these negitive thoughts about myself. However, they are helping me to understand that if I use the tools I can also learn the positive.
I am using I because I only want to express my experience. I suggest that anyone having problems with PTSD seek professional. There is hope, it will take time but, you can recover. Have a great day. Don W
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