Meeting new, sober people

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Meeting new, sober people

Hello everyone,

I've recently been able to separate from my drinking friends after 14 months of sobriety. However some days I really cave in and feel the need to join them even though they annoy me.

How have you learned to reach out and meet new people?


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Many people say that alcoholism as a physical, mental, and spiritual disease. I believe that to be accurate. I also believe it is a social disease. When I first got sober I couldn't function socially. It's pretty much why I drank in the first place. I know I'm not alone on that one.

Anyhow, AA saved my arse in all those areas (except the physical, had to take care of that on my own). I was able to be with people who I knew understood me, and they coddled me back to social health. Dragged me out to diners that I didn't want to go to. Sober dances. Camping trips. Beaches. They got me out of myself, and helped me to learn to function in the "normal" world, like a "normal" person, without the help of alcohol.

Was over a year before I felt comfortable hanging with new people outside of AA, but my social circle grew and grew. At around 2 years I was back at college, making friends, and becoming the social person I always wished I was.

None of that would have been possible for me without AA. Not sure what other treatment method offers that kind of help, but I think we need to do something pro active, something that cuts across our grain, if we want to get better and be happy sober people. That meant for me pushing at the walls of my comfort zone regularly, and doing lots of things I didn't like, nor want to do.

My $.02. It's been working fer me for almost 30 years now.
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Very well spoken, Joe.

God and AA have given me a fairly normal life.
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