Ugh! ( Sleep )

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Ugh! ( Sleep )

Some nights are just so bad. There are nights when I wake up with bizarre fears and confused thoughts. I wake up searching for things, feeling anxious as if something terrible is taking place, sometimes I'm scared, I can't seem to collect my thoughts, it's like my brain is off. I'm usually aware or semi aware as far as I can tell, but sometimes the fear or false belief will drive me to act for several seconds before I come to my senses. One time I found myself waking up my brother, telling him we had to get out of the house and leave, then I came to my senses and couldn't recall what the emergency was or what I had been thinking.

Last night I remember waking up several times feeling very afraid. I have vague memories of believing that my personality was gone and that I was endlessly shifting between different versions of myself. I went to bed at 3 and ended up getting out of bed at around 7 still feeling afraid. I tell myself that I SHOULD be afraid, and then I ask why? And there is no answer, only an extended period of time awake and out of bed will help me realize that nothing is wrong.

Variations of this have been happening at least since I was in high school, maybe earlier. I just assume it's related to anxiety, but man does it suck. I'm going to see a therapist for the first time on Sunday, I hope she can help me with this, I just had to vent, as these experiences tend to leave an anxiousness hanging over me.
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WiscSober had some good suggestions for nighttime anxiety. I hope you get this issue resolved soon. It sounds like a terrible thing to have to experience.
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According to sleep medicine, you need to pay attention to your sleep hygiene.

Sleep hygiene is the things you do before you go to sleep, like watching television etc.

I tried hypnotherapy for my bad sleep and while I am nowhere near perfect now, I am a lot better.

I wish you the best
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