Beware your environment

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Beware your environment

I've been reasonably tapering the past few days and noticed anxiety popped up, especially when I wake up in the morning. I've been dealing with it and as the day goes on it gets a little better. I like to end my night alone, "my time", whether at the computer on this forum or any other site (videos, funny clips, etc) or reading, collecting myself before turning in. I went out to a local pub and had 3 drinks, and planned on having 3 more when I got home. My brother asked if I wanted to hang for a bit so I obliged him. "I just want to show you this funny clip, it's hilarious". It was midnite. He drinks and OMG, that f****n DVR! It was this clip, that clip, him skipping the DVR up, back, changing channels, pausing for whatever reason, playing a segment 5 times, talking the whole way through, and noticing I'm uncomfortable and having something to say about it. If I show any sign of discomfort I get ridiculed and lectured. Next thing you know it's 1:00 am and I'm rattled. So my settling down has been delayed a little. My limit of 6 will windup being 8. Not too bummed about it, it's definitely on the lighter end of my usual average. Can anyone relate to how people/situations have influenced how much control you have over the number of drinks?
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