Is he better to her now?

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Is he better to her now?

I talked to my exmother in law recently and she told me that my XAH, showed up in CA for x-mas with a very nice girlfriend, she is from China and is so sweet and that he has really changed!
I was so heartbroken to hear that. This is a man I was married to for 16 years, and since we met I told him to go AA since I know he was an A, he did go and he tried and tried for all those years, I also tried to get him back in touch with his family specially his mom, he hated everytime she called and I handle the phone to him, I was the one sending holiday cards and bday cards to his family, I was the one that was always encourage him to get in touch with his only biological daughter that he last saw 20 years ago.
He got sober and A YEAR LATER divorced me, few months later he was taking viagra and dating, was online dating and his profile pictured him as such a nice guy, he got drunk once that I know of since our divorce in 2010, he has been sober less than a year, his year should be up this month and that IF he has not drink again which I have no idea.
He took his mom to the mall with this new gal (he hated the mall), Some of my AA friends said that is just a FACADE of his part, inside I am very angry, I PUT THE TIME and other gets the price!!
I feel like showing up on one of his meetings, I have not seen him for over a year now, I wonder if his mormon girlfriend knows he is a drunk!!
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I completely understand how you feel-it is totally valid to feel shafted. but unfortunately there's nothing you can do about it without making yourself look like an a**. i think you have to just be the bigger person now- maybe don't talk to his mom anymore? if it's driving you so crazy. you have to move on and live your own life. If his new relationship is built on lies he knows it and lives with it every day. you worry about you.
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