Now here is the board for me...

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Now here is the board for me...

I never scrolled all the way down in the forum section to even see they even had an Anxiety Disorder board here lol. I'm 25 and I pretty much run the gamut as far as anxiety disorders: General Anxiety Disorder, social phobia, hypochondria, obsessive compulsive disorder, and panic attacks. I can remember as far back as when I was 10 years old when these problems surfaced...and then puberty and my teenage years they really started to get out of control. A claim I filed for disability actually had just recently gone through in august for them which should tell you how bad they are...though the fact that I tried to commit suicide by overdosing on 30-40 soma and 10 ativan in march probably helped lol. I've had about 12 jobs and the longest I've held one is 5 months, quit school a multiple of times because of social phobia and panic.

The hypochondria and the social phobia are the worst and most debilitating. Hypochondria just drives you's hard to stay focused on anything when you have this irrational fear you are dying of this, going blind from this, going to get cancer from this etc etc. I screwed myself over with credit cards financially thinking there was something really seriously wrong with me when I had this back thing in 07. Then the social phobia just messes with my mind whenever i'm in situations with strangers, the fear you'll screw something up, embarrass yourself, etc...not fun and has made it impossible to sustain a job and go to school. (though with online classes now I have been taking courses again)

I'm currently prescribed 300mg luvox for OCD and anxiety disorders and ativan for panic, agitation, but I'm also an alcoholic since summer 2007, and the luvox I started taking a couple months ago and drinking on it pretty much cancels out any effect it would have and I've only recently been prescribed 300mg. I'm going on four days sober, so I'm hoping to finally give the luvox a real try and see if it actually helps...
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I'm on zoloft for depression and when I drank it cancelled out the effect of the zoloft. My meds work better when I'm sober.

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