Prescription drugs and alcohol

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Prescription drugs and alcohol

My ex fiancee was taking paxil and drinking heavily (mostly beer). He did take, on ocassion, percocet pills. He was found dead in his work truck after a night of drinking at a bar. His prescription said not to drink alcohol while taking Paxil. If you think nothing will happen to you, please think again. It can and will kill you. It is not worth it. His sister drank a lot more than he did. She died 3 months later from the affects of vomiting in her sleep while she was passed out drunk. She was brain dead by the time she was taken to the hospital. Alcohol is POISON, plain and simple. A friend of mine is a nurse and the doctor where she works advised her to have a drink every night. I'd like to wring his neck for telling her that. She is on her way down the wrong path with alcohol. Alcohol and prescription drugs are a scary thing.
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Thanks for the post, worthy. I know some co-workers who mix meds and alcohol. Some folks there just don't care and tell everyone their personal business. Next time I hear someone talk about mixing I'll ask them if they know it can be fatal. I mostly keep my mouth shut b/c I don't want to be preachy...but geez. I'd hate to hear some bad news. I've already talked to one person about it a while ago...and the response I got was "I know...but I'm really careful". Ugh.
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