how to treat anxiety ?

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how to treat anxiety ?

my ex boyfriend is a drug addict , he moved away from his home town to try and get clean,,first he would smoke pot to relax him, then alcohol, i know he was lableded ADHD years ago, but he cant handle stress at all, and he got nto a fight last night and has a ruptured ear drum they gave him pain killers to use, he was put on clozapham for anxiety, but has abused everythign the dr, has given do you treat any illness if they keep abusing the drugs given to them? when your first trying to get clean how do you deal with the anxiety? and lack of sleep?ive told him he needs to stay off of everything inorder for the dr. to know how to treat him properly and with what medication?
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I'm 41 days clean. Anxiety was a big part of why I always relapsed. I'd had feeling nervous in crowds, so i'd use to function in society. I'd hate being afraid of my next relapse, so I used just "to get it over with".

I made it 41 days because from day one, I told myself I was gonna be serious this time around. So I would come on here and talk in the chatroom for hours so that i felt like i was busy. It was sort of calming, it kept me clean. The first week i lived on this site. I also go to a drug recovery program for one hour group therapy sessions a day. We get to talk about how hard things are, and just be around like minded people.

Basically, he needs a large support group, or maybe join a site like this and make some online friends who can be supoortive.

I was also put on Valium, but i didn't abuse it. Your boyfriend has to get serious with his addiction and learn that he must take any meds as prescribed.

Doctors can help quite a bit, but if you're just gonna abuse the meds, then you're starting back at point zero.

Support, support, support. And it can't be just one person.
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