How To Stop Worrying

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Thanks for writing this. I worry about worring
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I keep trying to post and it just disappears...what the heck...great forum here though...I have suffered panic/social phobia for 13 years, and have had relatively no defense against it. Yesterday, I applied some of the techniques I've learned on this site-deep breathing from the diaphragm (4 seconds out, then 4 seconds in) as well not allowing my mind to worry until I set aside maybe 20-30 mins for a worry period. It wasn't easy but I made it to a meeting, and actually introduced myself and got a coin. Doesn't sound like much, but I just had to leave church Sunday because I was overwhelmed with fear and panic. My physiological response was trembling, my body was clenching up, and I believed everyone was aware of it, so I left before communion. I was totally discouraged, and started vigilantly online to find a better solution, and stumbled across SR.
I even talked to a bunch of people after the meeting!

God's a hard worker, but he loves help...
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To me, worrying is a sign that we haven't gotten where we want to in life, and that it's time to pull out the fighter and start fighting harder to get there.
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Dale Carnegies "how to stop worrying and start living "

If you want me to give a damn now,Better slip a little give a damn in my coffee ,Because thats the only way its getting in my system .

Worry and anxeity attacks almost crippled me , now screw it .
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Thanks so much

I am one year sober as of 2 weeks ago and feeling unmotivated and lost.
Rereading this has been the oh yeah moment I've been looking for.
I've stepped out of my own head.
Thank you historyteach
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Thank you for that advice. I am gonna do exactly as suggested.
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I'm printing this out. This is great and I relate so much. Thanks for this
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