How To Stop Worrying

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I like the idea of setting a worry time. Maybe 5:01pm. I will set a reminder!
This whole thread is wicked great!
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History this is invaluable information for me right now in my situation. I am reading the info you provided and saying to myself...i do that...i do that...i do that. This really helps me put my lif einto perspective. I will be back to read often. Thanks again you don't know how much this helps me. Thanks!
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I constantly question how much we actually control our worry/anxiety. It seems to come on it's own. But if so, from whence does it come? Is there actually a "worry wart" let loose on humankind? How much sense does that make? It doesn't obviously. It would be nice if the cliche "don't worry - be happy" were effective. For you I hope it is. For me it is not. The exercises mentioned above help. My philosophical rambling doesn't seem to. I would so like to make my first posting here intelligent and helpful. I'll keep trying.
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well noted,thks
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im trying to deal with anxiety, i need some help really bad, I was abusing all my anti anxiety medications so my doctor wont help me with anything, I use breathing exercises, anyone got any other ideas?
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cut off xanax, colonapin and my oxycodone, still withdrawling from the benzos hard
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Excellent stuff historyteach. Everywhere i look on this board i see other people who do the same crazy stuff as me. It's good to know i'm not the only one as i try to cope with it all.
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alot of very usefull info THANK YOU SO MUCH GB
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This site just keeps getting better! It's amazing how the list of the reasons people give to justify and perpetuate their worrying is exactly the same reasons I give my therapist everytime the subject comes up! It's great to know I'm not alone in this, and I will try my best to work through the ideas given to help let go of my worrying (hard after feeling for years that it somehow protects me!). Great thread historyteach!
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Thank you historteach for this informative info...I am a chronic worrier, and alot of the things I read here sound like my behaviors...There is alot to read, but I will take my time and read it all...glad I found this!
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THANK YOU ! This thread could not have come at a better time..just when I am feeling " oh my gosh I must be going crazy " obsessing and worrying over all of the what if's of my life.....I know I am not alone and I must remember to RELAX....
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couldn't have said it better . still read the sticy's they change from time to time
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good post historyteach. thanks
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This is one of the best stuff Ive read about anxiety.

Thanks so much, Historyteach.
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Originally Posted by suki44883 View Post
I guess I'm lucky in that I learned to stop worrying years ago. I've tried to impart that wisdom to my daughter, but she's having none of it. LOL

I am telling myself this one over and over.. Good one.. I never had Anxiety until I quit drinking.. now I do.. "fear" mostly health..

But.. I learned that 90% of the things we worry about never happen anyway.
Thank you Suki..
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Originally Posted by VeXun View Post
im trying to deal with anxiety, i need some help really bad, I was abusing all my anti anxiety medications so my doctor wont help me with anything, I use breathing exercises, anyone got any other ideas?
Hi VeXun!

Don't get too dependent on anti anxiety medications. Try other alternative techniques as well. Try to consider hypnotherapy to have a grip on what's causing your anxiety. Once you know and rooted out its cause, you'll eventually find yourself peace while creating a new set of positive beliefs based on those.
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welcome to SR hypnothusiast

Just FYI, but VexUn last posted in 2009

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Very useful indeed, I always worry to much for things that never happen...
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So useful!

Thanks for all the info; I worry constantly, and reading the reasons why we do it was really helpful
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Thanks, helpful information...
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