Someone, somewhere.......

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Someone, somewhere.......

Right now, is having a panic attack.

Is on a crowded train or subway, on the verge of wanting to run frantically away with no where to go. Feeling trapped.

At work or at a meeting afraid of what others may think if they excused themselves while they went to the restroom and splashed cold water over their face.

Driving and stuck in traffic or not. Afraid to pull over, afraid to go on.

Knowing it will pass, but terrified it will escalate and may lose control.

Someone, somewhere is up at 3 or 4am, scared, alone and cant sleep. Afraid to call for help, afraid not to.

Anxious, apprehensive, pacing back and forth, scared, feeling bewildered, cant sit still.

Mind is racing, thoughts of ill health, worry, shaky, panicky.

To them (me) I say, I pray the Lord comfort you right now. Peace, calm.

However difficult it may be, call someone, get help.

As for now I reach out and offer understanding and comfort. You are not alone. God is still on the Throne. I want to reach out comfort those that may be hurting. Encouragement for someone, somewhere who is having a panic attack, or anxious, scared. I offer a prayer.

That someone, includes me.

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