Bad day today...

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Bad day today...

The whole day I was just a bit on edge...I had a few moments where I wanted to get angry (And in most of the cases, it would be justified...but not to the extent I would've gotten angry). Of course, I kept my composure. From the moment I finished work, to actually getting home, it took me about 2hrs. It usually takes 20 minutes but I had to do all sorts of shopping stopping at 3 different places. The whole time I tried to keep my mind off of things. I didn't want to take any anti-anxiety meds (I prefer taking them in the late evening so that I fall asleep really well since I also suffer from insomnia and then I don't need to take extra meds for that). Well, when I got home I was shaking. Wasn't sure why, because I wasn't cold. It was an awful feeling. It got to the point where I took out my meds and took them...and it sucks. I spent the whole day feeling like crap only to take my meds earlier than usually and double what I usually take (But am allowed to do).

I'm only in week 3 of it's still early. It's just been a bad day.
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Dear DaVinci.....

I will pray for you, DaVinci & I believe things can only get better for you,

I know what it's like to have to resort to tranquillizers, but sometimes they can be a GodSend....

If only they weren't so darn addictive....

Sometimes it's just a matter of what helps you get through the day....

Take heart my friend, you are not only feels like it sometimes......

God Bless,
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