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10 Weeks...

Let me start by letting all of you know what a cool thing you are doing for one another! (And me) Reading your posts is a great reminder that I'm not the only one out there that has exercised poor judgment. (HUGE Understatement in my case!)

I've been ten weeks sober as of this weekend with the help of my family and a good pro counselor. It's really nice to start the day with coffee instead of liquor.

Couple of questions: When does the depression and bad attitude (on my part) stop? My previous sober stretch was over three years and it seemed like the "blues" went away a whole lot sooner than this time.

I'd like to try an AA meeting but don't really know what to expect. Do you just walk in the door and introduce yourself? Is it a good idea to go with someone else? Is there any obligation after the fact?

Let me know and thanks again.
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Hay, first i want to sat congradulations,
i just a few weeks behind you and have been going to meeting all along, thay give me such a high to know and hear others struggle with this as well i would most deffently get to a meeting and keep going get known find new peopl to reenforce your new life i found alot of old drinking buddys there and ill tell you the first month or so then it all makes sence you want to go not because you have to you really do want to go, so keep on keeping on and god bless your streght, but make a meeting at least 3 times a week and this attutude will be gone in no time good luck and keep postion<
:just for today im sober"

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Hi JR,
I've been sober since Sept.29th. Been going to AA the past 12 days(10 meetings).I go alone, & I have to force myself. Been to them before, but never long enough to get the feeling of "belonging".I'm going to keep forcing myself until it comes natural to me-I can't afford NOT to. I'm depressed, & dealing with a lot of anger & hurt. I've been having panic attacks, so I haven't done ALOT of talking at the meetings-I mostly listen, which is ok.When I DO talk, I end up crying usually, which I don't like to do, but I guess it's ok too. People are SO FRIENDLY(most!). All you have to do is walk in, get a cup of coffee(if you like) & most likely someone will have already approached you. If not, just have a seat or look at the literature. You're NOT alone! It's up to YOU if you want to talk or just listen. They give out white chips if it's your 1st meeting or if your coming back from a relapse. They'll ask if anyone's there for the first time. If you go & don't like it, don't give up-you might enjoy the next meeting! I get something out of every one. I wish you the best! Take care! Linda
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Me again! Just want to add that there is no obligation(only to yourself!) Linda
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Hi JR38
Congratulations on the ten weeks it really is an accomplishment. Go to a meeting if you do not want to go alone call your local AA hot line they will tell you where a meeting is and if you like probably have someone meet you there, if not go alone. Pick your self up a Alcoholics Anonymous text it explains what it is all about and can be a real source of comfort and can give you a real understanding of the program. " the only requirement is a desire to stop drinking" Good luck on your journey on finding your sober self. Give yourself some time and you will be pleased with what you find when you look in the mirror. Peace Bill
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Hi, JR38

Like you I am just over two months sober. I recommend going to your doctor and asking about Albutrin. It's a very mild anti-depressant which also curbs the cravings. Worked great for me...especially keeping the blues away.

Good luck!

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But Very, Very Bruisable...

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Will and others..I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for us to NOT reccomend specific medications or to compare diagnosis. Suggesting a visit to a doctor is fine, especially for detox. But we share in a general way, especially in regards to meds...

Be well, and have a great 24...

Have A Great 24
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