David is 11 months sober

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David is 11 months sober

Hi all I'm 11 months clean and sober. I'm feeling doing and feeling great. I am also increasingly hopeful about my future , its so exciting thinking about the wonderful times ahead. I'm also living a much healthier lifestyle. It seems to be taking care of its self. I believe my higher power has delivered me and I'm ever so grateful for the life I'm living today and I truly never want to drink again or use drugs. My soberity is precious beyond all to me me except for the one who has delivered me to whom all credit is due.
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Hi David. 11 mos. is wonderful. What a blessing to be free of it.
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Well done David
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Congrats on 11 months, David.
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Congratulations David

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Wonderful David, thank your for your gracious and inspiring update.

11 months is AWESOME
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Congratulations! Year 1 is just around the corner!

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i envy your positive attitude good job!
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Hoping I can say that Iíve been sober for 11 months one day. Best of wishes.
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Thatís awesome, David. I hope to be where you are someday. Thank you for posting and keep us updated.
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