one tracked mind

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one tracked mind

ive noticed since ive gotten sober i find my self Is obsessing over everything, such as i decide to buy s product i think about it untill i get it. I no longer think about drinking but now i find myself thinking about other things compulsivly. It doesnt really bother me but i know its not healthy.
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It doesnt really bother me but i know its not healthy.
This describes my drinking for 20 years. Then for another 10 years it bothered me but I struggled to quit. It probably would have been much easier on me if I had listened to the early warning signs I was getting the first 20 years.

I would venture to say that at some level your compulsive one tracked mindness is actually bothering you, otherwise you probably wouldn't have posted about it; but then too, I could be way off base. Impossible for me to say with any accuracy, but your post prompted memories of my journey, so I thought I would share them in hopes it might help you sort through your thought processes on your journey.

At any rate, thanks for your post as it gave me food for thought about where I have been and where I am now. :~)
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The same thing happens to me, David. I obsess over things - often stuff I want and eventually buy, sometimes a girl. It's like the dopamine receptors need something and if it's not gonna be booze, they will find another way to get a buzz. Lots of things can provide a dopamine rush, most aren't healthy in excess. Aerobic exercise is one that is, so I do a lot of that..
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i did it while drinking. there are some things I used to think were a result of my drinking but after having been sober for a while and still having those issues i'm like nah its just me.
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