im free

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im free

Hi all i realize im capable of standing on my own two feet. I know what to do to help my self. My Confidence is growing and i have a future today whereas before i didnt have one. life was ethier about geting loaded on a regular basis or not geting loaded on said basis. All i could think about was drinking and geting high in the past.
All my motivation was directed to this end. Then on top of that i spent much of my time recoving from puting my self in this condtion.So many days in bed, after drinking so much i thought i would die from acute intoxication. Those days aee over so long as i dont pick up the first drink or drug.It took me so long to acept that i was an alcholic and could no longer drink. I was truly obssed witn idea i could control and enjoy my drinking. I just coudnt get step one ,but it took what it took. I dont reget the past Nor wish to j
shut the door on it, i have experinced serenity and i know what peace is today. The promises are coming true for me. I stand up for my self today i will be no ones doormat anymore.All this is a miracle i could not comprehend even a 10 months ago. Its more than life geting good ,its that i have a life today which is indeded a miracle.
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congratulations David

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Way to go David!
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That's truly wonderful to read. Well done David, it's been an amazing journey.
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Congratulations David! You are a miracle! I know once I had sobriety locked in there was no way I could go back to drinking again! I just canít let it happen! No matter what! Thatís the way you got to think! I had to practice a lot of acceptance and turning it over to my Higher Power! And I still do! And the Promises will come true!
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