The freedom is intoxicating

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The freedom is intoxicating

I am a binge drinker. When I drink it’s like I’m playing Russian roulette - will I get black out drink or will k be able to moderate? Only time will tell.

At least that’s how it used to be when I drank. But it has been 3 years, 8 months, and 10 days since my first day of freedom. That’s 44 months of freedoms…. Or 193 weeks of freedom…. Or 1349 days… or 32,355 hours of freedom.

you get the point. I’m not sure when it happened. When I was able to go from “no thank you I no longer drink” to “no thanks, I don’t drink”. I’ve made good friends who just know me as a non drinker.. not the former partier. Recently I went to Vegas on a “girls weekend”. The ladies I was with don’t have alcohol issues. All weekend they would have their 1-2 drinks with dinner and stop. If I was still a drinker, I would have been the sloppy one. But.. I don’t drink! So I remained completely sober the entire weekend. Allowing me to not miss a second of fun and excitement and relaxation my weekend away offered me.

maybe the subject title of my post is in poor taste… but I can truly say that my FREEDOM from alcohol is unimaginably more intoxicating than that of intoxication from alcohol.

no real purpose of my post except to say.. I’d you’re still not convinced that a life without booze is worth it, let me tell ya. It’s worth it.
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Sorry for typos. I’m not the best at these phones lol
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Great post slipnslide - thank you - and congrats on your sober time

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Great job and very inspiring!
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I have about 3 years of sobriety under my belt and was a binge drinker too and Im glad I am clear headed these days. I like knowing exactly what I was doing before I went to bed and waking up fully aware of what I was working on and talking to the day before. I like being able to walk out into the neighborhood for coffee and not think that everyone is staring at me or that I did something horrible in public the night before. So many examples of why life is better come to mind so Ill just say, Congratulations and keep up the good work.
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