people at aa talking about world War 3

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people at aa talking about world War 3

some aa members are really causing some resentments, as thier talk which isn't during meetings but before and after meetings really upsets my sensibility. I don't believe in war, they believe we schould interject the USa in Ukraine conflict which might cause world war 3 which they seem to be okay. first it makes it really hard to respect them because thier line or reasoning is asinine and insane. they regularly talk about how how certain the the US created the pandemic and such. It's frightening and depressing that thier stupid enough to believe this malarkey.
it's only really one person who brings this up. I'm a let's love and live kinda guy I belive all you need is love while this guy is cynical and just wants to blast everything with military weapons and carrys a gun everywere he goes(has a concealed weapons permit). No one else's seems to mind I do. I like everyone else. I'm not saying he's bad or nessarylly unstable but he's forcing his views on every one and I just wish he'd shut up I don't want to here he's paranoid rants.
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if you don't want to hear it you don't have to David - can you perhaps avoid them?

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You could always state tradition 10, as most people will clue in if you bring it up.
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it's only one person but he always the center of attention. he makes jokes about these things and as such people are okay with it. it wast that bad until recently but since the war in Ukraine started its had to avoid non stop talk about it. I guess Ill put my headphones in when he starts his rant.
I know his behavior is born out of frustration but it's upsetting. I guess I just need to accept what i can't change.
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Thanks David! Politics has no place in AA! That guy should know that! And whether you vote on one side or another, about half the country will disagree either way! This can even happen with sports! Iíve seen arguments and resentments over Michigan and Michigan State at meetings! If you live in Michigan youíre going to have half the state disagree whether youíre a MI fan or MSU fan!

Not sure if thereís anything you can do though if he wasnít talking about politics during the meeting! Maybe someone should remind him about the traditions on AA having no opinions on politics! That may remind him not to bring his politics before and after the meeting!
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Putting your headphones on is a great idea. Excellent.
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